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  • Look I can't help but love young women, you of all things. you are what I am looking for, But as it is in life I am not what you are looking for, so can we be friends from a far? you just don't know mybe I can be the one for you from a different time but we could be a perfect match, don't feel that I am to old I am young at heart and you would never be to old for me, lets talk and find out.
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lookin for a young lady 18 to 34 Posted on Sep 13, 2006 at 06:31 PM
Just thought I would put something into this, and see if there is any real live young women out there that can be friends with me,and love to chat some time. I would like for them to be in the USA , But any country will do. PS. the child in my picture is not mine I don't have any that I can call my own.