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  • Hi! My online dating experience is thin but I never paid to send an e-mail. Especially within the members

    of the website. Just new to me i guess that it's sorted that way. 

    Does someone know how to tell who's online or not?

    Or does it come with the e-mail bill?

    Maby I should have read about it all insted of clicking my way through. Haha!

    well, how many others did stop and read or ...

  • Note to self: Read the instructions if sober enough! ;-)
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I have a great feeling about the blogstuff! Or do I? Posted on May 24, 2015 at 03:29 AM

Hi everyone! This website is a bit quiet sometimes huh?

I'v been trying to figure this place out but got curios of you

people and what you're discussing. 

I got hooked! It's given me the feeling of good people 

hang out here. 

I'm looking forward to get to know people here better 

and figure out more about you and,

you about me right? :-)