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What Floats YOUR boat Younger or Older?

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What do the Members here prefer? Younger Men/Women Or Older? Please tell? I am asking this as I get so many men that check out my profile that state they want a younger why are you checking me out???? But please I would like both Men and Women to post on here telling their preference. And I have looked on the Visitors on my Blogs and there are lots of younger women that want an older man, but some of the older men on here dont present themselves as well as they could. they just join up expecting young girls to be all over them. When you are the more mature one, you have to try, All of the Mature women that I have seen pictures of on here are very attractive. This isnt being shallow or really about looks, its about having a little pride in yourselves. I am Ageless Lol!

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I love an older woman who tkaes care of herself

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As usual Helena, You are absolutly right about YM/OW maybe we should pop over to France! lol

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Hi LTB, I loved the diversity of responses you received but the one that really caught my eye was LL1965.  Actually he made me laugh. The YM/OW has been around since society began.  Older women are not just lovers they are also teachers in a non-threatening sort of way and for love to bloom would just be natural.  Go back to the 1600s in Europe and you will constantly find such relationships that endure for long periods and in places like France a single older woman with a younger lover is commonplace.  I really don't know what the contributor means?!

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I am a 23 year old woman, and there is just something so attractive about an older man . Older for me is 10 years or more. A older gentleman that dresses well with good taste in clothing and scents. Love it!

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Hi, I am looking for an older woman who can rock my boat! Maybe she has a car or boat and can take me for a ride? Hmm, my favorite would be a romantic row and picnic by the shore..

who know? I can dream right?


CaRiE V from brooklyn, new york

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I hear ya, radjr. And I'm sure you will make many 40ish women quite happy, and vice versa, of course. Keep up the healthy sex life!

As you may know, I don't agree with your assessment of YW as only being good for a couple of nights, but everyone has different preferences, and I respect yours and would never judge it. I think YW are awesome, and good for countless nights of cuddles and kisses :-)

I have heard many people mention that 40ish women are great for sex, but the thing is--at least speaking for myself, and for many others who have expressed similar sentiments--the physical attraction element to any type of intimate relationship is important. It's not the *only* important component to a relationship or healthy sexual relationship, granted, but it is *one* of the important components. I have found myself unable to be sexually potent or active with women in an age group I'm not physically attracted to (all the other components taken into consideration too), so I would prefer not to waste such a woman's time, and let her spend her time being fulfilled by the many guys like you who *do* find them attractive on a physical level (as well as many other levels).

Also, I quite like the typical sexual tendencies of YW, as they tend to match my own. That's another reason why I prefer them. The fact that I tend to get along with them socially to a general extent, and the fact that I find them so physically attractive to boot, is why I get along with them so well.

Of course, if you find yourself in a life-long committed relationship, and you have a good marriage (assuming that state-sanctioned piece of paper is even involved) where you build many wonderful life experiences with each other over, say, 25-30 years, then at the end of that time, a guy with my preferences could well remain very deeply in love with his formerly YW, just like many older or elderly couples who have been together for decades and remain very much in love with each other. I wonder how many of these men are truly still very sexually attracted to their wives; the point is, after all of the above, the sexual attraction element no longer matters nearly as much as when the two first met many years earlier. The love has progressed to another wonderful phase, and has now become what psychologists have called *nurturing love,* which is different than the sexual-oriented attraction that mark the early years of a healthy relationship, but is at least as powerful and bonding, likely more so.

But the sexual attraction element, along with other things, must be present when you *initially* meet your partner, regardless of how less that element may matter if you form a strong bond and remain together happily for a few decades.

As much as I love YW, however, I would never tell you to put those 40ish women aside, because I'm sure they have very much to offer guys with your particular preferences, and I'm very glad there are guys like you out there for them, and (again!) vice versa :-)

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Italian Knight, Thank you for posting, You make a lot of sense, and you know what turns you on, This is why the title of this Blog is "What Floats Your Boat" I wanted everyone to let go and say what they prefered so that they would have more exposure. and you never know someone perfect for you might read it. :-) But sometimes no matter what you usually prefer someone will come along that is the opposite of everything you thought that you wanted and the feelings between you radiate. That happened to me in my 30s and always prefered a younger man since.  Love is really "Ageless" its the feeling and the shared wisdom that flows between two people that is the most important factor. And no matter what society in general frowns upon. It doesn't matter as long as no harm is done to anyone else and the people involved are of a legal age....."Its what floats your boat"

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As noted in another blog post I made a few minutes ago, my preference is for younger women. Why? As noted by others in this discussion thread, I simply find them very attractive on *all* levels. Not only very physically attractive--which is just one component, albeit an important one, to a relationship--but they tend to have many common interests with me. Despite being in my 40s, on the inside I'm still a very young man, and retain all the interests I had since I was in my teens. I just find YW in the age group of 18-mid-20s (and maybe early 30s) to have the same social interests as I do. As for wanting marriage, children, a serious relationship, etc., I'm very flexible when it comes to these things, and would be happy to go in most any direction my hypothetical younger partner wanted if we truly enjoyed each other's company. Of course, being a writer and being well-educated, I do prefer intelligent and particularly intellectual YW, and in my experience (and contrary to popular belief) there are no short supply of them out there if you are willing to look.


Why don't I broaden the age range I normally date, one may ask? Honestly, my preference is *not* a choice. That is like asking someone who is naturally gay why they do not "broaden their opportunities" by deciding to date members of either gender. In my experience, I do not think choice is a huge factor in terms of what age group, gender, race, etc., whom we are attracted to, even if choice does influence our outside behavior in many ways.  Societal expectations does play a strong role, I think, in the type of lifestyle we choose, including the type of partner many of us may gravitate towards, but I don't think that type of choice can change a strong preference; it simply encourages people to forcibly alter their behavior patterns to fit the comfort zone of the society and time period in which they live. This is why I think many YW with naturally flexible attractions will be reserved and reluctant to start relationships with OW; they do not want to deal with the potential stigma attrached to it, including the problems they perceive having with their families. For YW with more narrow preferences that gravitate mostly or solely to OM, of course, they have much less of a choice, and are generally willing to go against societal and familial expectations, though some of those I have been involved told me we had to keep the relationship secret.


There are some people with naturally very flexible preferences, and I think that's great. But I do not happen to be one of them. And I don't think it would be fair to a hypothetical OW whom I wasn't attracted to on any level in a romantic sense--but whom I may like and respect very much as a person--to lie to her about my attraction and feign a desire to be in a relationship with her just to appease societal expectations, because she would deserve a fulfilling relationship with a man (or woman) who had a genuine romantic interest in her as much as I would. In my opinion, leading someone on like that is just plain wrong.


If someone asks me, "Well, what's wrong with older women as a potential romantic partner?", my sincere answer is this: Nothing whatsoever, if that is what someone happens to be into. And there are many people of both genders who have a strong preference for OW, and again, I say that's great! There are other people with naturally flexible attraction bases who can potentially be attracted to much younger, same or close in age, or much older people--just as some people are bisexual, and others are attracted romantically to just one gender. It's not really much different with the age thing than it is with the gender thing, so I'm hoping we reach a more enlightened era when the former can once again become as acceptable as the latter, as long as both people involved are truly happy and fulfilled.


That being said, I have no problem with making friends with OW, and I happen to have people of all ages as cherished friends.

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ll1965, I don't know the answer to that, or in fact that the younger men that like older women are wanting a relationship, I do get quite a lot of people that get in touch with me that want to go on Messenger they say to chat and get to know each other, that is a red flag to me as the few I have chatted to just want a cheap thrill, which doesnt interest me. I have actualy met one that I had a long distance relationship with for quite some time, and I met another one who lived close, But mostly just made friends, For me its about the chemistry, some have no intention of meeting at all they just want me to send them pictures but lose interest when they realise I wont send any sexy ones. But quite a few state in their profile that they want a younger woman. I have some nice friends on here though. I like a good conversation and a sense of humor.

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younger man/older women is the most difficult age gap to establish so i would think it would be the most commonly found seekers on this site-correct me if i'm wrong

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Radir514....Well that what floats YOUR boat it depends what your looking for.

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well i just turned 49 and i feel fine and when it comes to age the younger ones are fun for a couple nites but after that its time for them to go  but my prefrance is 40ish and like to have alot of sex and from my experance yall ladies around 40ish seem to be the best!

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Hello Malibu, I also find that younger men are more interested in my work. But it isnt just that, and I don't deny that there must be forward thinking men of my own age, I have just never found any.....or maybe they are looking for younger women and havn't crossed my path :-)

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Interesting post, I prefer younger women.  I attribute it to the fact that I coached gymnastics for many years, grew up in a gym, and basically was raised by gymnasts.  Also although in my early 50's, I love getting out and doing things, skiing, roller coasters, etc.  I have found younger women to be more interested in those things.  Plus they always think I'm in my 30's, so guess I just act like a kid.  Can't help that, but I will keep looking.  My last relationship was with someone very much younger, it was great for a while but really need someone more mature then she was.  So looking for someone in their 30's, about 20 years younger than I am.

I will find her :) !!!


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Yes Helena, I am a little lost.......I am so much better at understanding the Irish Lol!

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1ll1, Can you elaborate, forgive me but I am not quite understanding your "cool" but very brief post. Really happy that you are communicating though :-)

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Thank you LTB, I totally agree, attractive can be anyone in any age group.  I am not sure what that contributor is seriously looking for apart from a laugh...

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thats what I was getting a bright.

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ch1ll1 Attractive is Ageless :-)

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