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  • SwaySuela ( 42 / W / Garland, TX )

    I am pretty open for the first date. I prefer a meet and greet before the first date.

  • Rebelprincess99 ( 18 / W / Hemel Hempstead, England - Hertfordshire )

    My ideal date is a roadtrip, I love cars and the idea of me, someone, a convertible sports car and beautiful views sounds divine xx

  • Dos1998 ( 20 / M / Aurora, CO )

    Let's chat for a bit in a bookstore and then try to get something there (music, movies, books, etc) that the other person would like!

  • Dm48315 ( 56 / M / Utica, MI )

    Talking, smiling, laughing, getting to know each other

  • DesignerArtist ( 62 / M / Chelsea, MA )

    Head to the beach late afternoon. Build a Bonfire. Cook some fresh lobsters, raw oysters legend has it they are an aphrodisiac, etc. Have some white wine. Pop a bottle of Champagne, have fresh strawberries, dipped in whi...  read more >>

  • whatlieswithin ( 60 / M / Belleville, MI )

    I like to be romantic and close - would do things you normally wouldn't do

  • Mrsnoopy ( 19 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    Something nice

  • thelienman ( 57 / M / Sleaford, England - Lincolnshire )

    I don't like dating. I live a lifestyle of freedom. If you want to join it do so at full gallop.

  • xoasvi ( 19 / W / Newark, NJ )

    it doesn't really matter, as long as i'm with the other person.

  • GenuinelyReal ( 49 / M / Parrish, FL )

    It would be impossible to describe the setting or any activities without knowing some things about you first. We could of course start with dinner at a fine dining establishment to begin the conversation but ideally our...  read more >>

  • Drewtaz716 ( 52 / M / Columbia, SC )

    Romantic walks

  • smokeyeyes63 ( 55 / W / Mansfield, QC )

    Meeting to see if there is any chemistry and talk to get to know about one another

  • Older4yngrINnm ( 60 / M / Rio Rancho, NM )

    Hiking in the morning, sex, Lunch, sex, walk along the river in the evening and then sex.

  • Alissabookworm ( 22 / W / Dayton, OH )

    My first date should be simple but sweet and romantic. The guy picks the restaurant and it should be nice but not too fancy, after dinner we walk around to get to know each other better. Have drinks at a bar or somewhere...  read more >>

  • slb100 ( 76 / M / Sandpoint, ID )

    Maybe something lite - the park and a takeout lunch and walk or relax and talk, maybe coffee or? at an outdoor cafe, takeout lunch at the beach, just some ideas. And your date should have priority of decision and have it...  read more >>