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  • Stupidname ( 69 / M / Windsor, ON )

    I think a daytime lunch meet is great because then we can see each other plainly and believe me , physical attraction must be there (at least that is what I believe) but people don't need to be Halle Berry or anything li...  read more >>

  • dave_craig ( 43 / M / Canoga Park, CA )

    A picnic

  • SeriousQ ( 65 / M / Winston, GA )

    A light hearted lunch with engaging conversation!

  • Dauvit ( 40 / M / Glasgow, Scotland - Lanarkshrie )

    A first date is a chance to talk. We can go to the cinema but let's make that a future date. A chance to talk about things in a relaxed setting is just right.

  • vinnyd1258 ( 60 / M / Reading, MA )

    How about we meet for lunch, talk and get to know each other a little bit. If there is something there then lets plan a nice dinner at a restaurant in Boston.

  • CLilyLav ( 21 / W / Alexandria, VA )

    1st date, lunch somewhere quiet to get to know each other, then perhaps a walk... if things work out - then dinner that night followed by a great good night kiss.

  • wiseoneinmilw ( 60 / M / Milwaukee, WI )

    Someplace where there are people but not too many. I can listen to your dreams and you can tell me I can still accomplish some of mine.

  • bbsb4u ( 35 / W / Claremont, CA )

    Simple lunch, nothing fancy laid back lady looking for same!

  • phasemargin ( 56 / M / Herndon, VA )

    I think a first date should be light so I picked lunch. Going out for coffee would be a great first date too. Dinner and a movie. Seriously?

  • mustlovelife ( 50 / M / Mississauga, ON )

    Can`t really say first meet qualifies as a date. Im easy to talk to and attentive. Thats out the way maby we have that date, I dont do coffee shop or movies more like the gun range or plane spotting with a smoothie .

  • XXAMBER021XX ( 20 / W / Hilo, HI )

    Honestly I've never been on a "real" date before so i believe anything must be great if you are with the right person at the right time, so wherever you are must be an enjoyable ride.

  • piperpilot1211 ( 59 / M / Tulsa, OK )

    Coffee/drinks, lunch, dinner. I just want to meet in a public place so you won't kidnap me and do strange and kinky things to my flawless and supple body. (If you're REALLY hot, you can kidnap me.)

  • TheBigRagu2017 ( 46 / M / Saint Cloud, FL )

    Take some time to explore each others expectations, boundaries, what they love and hate. The basic "where are the landmines buried?" discussion. Take the time to find out who they are rather than making any ass...  read more >>

  • jefedw4 ( 51 / M / Cardiff, Wales - Glamorgan )

    A lunch, drinks, nice view . Lot's of friendly chat . Relaxing.

  • Kabouter27 ( 28 / M / Heilbron, Eastern Cape )

    At restuarant eating dinner and just chatting