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  • golfguy44 ( 51 / M / Johnson City, TN )

    Let's meet at Founders Park on a beautiful Spring afternoon. Stroll around talking and watching all the people and their dogs... A very laid-back intro and then, hit one of the neat downtown restaurant, bars to get to kn...  read more >>

  • parky1369 ( 41 / M / Victoria, BC )

    start with hello and a hug and see what the day brings us.

  • originalone ( 59 / M / Macomb, MI )

    A great day of adventure together. Laughing, flirting, and enjoying each others company.

  • JantheFan ( 19 / W / Wilkes Barre, PA )

    I like being spontaneous

  • Lizzlie ( 19 / W / Hemet, CA )

    Urban exploring, sightseeing, acting like a tourist in a place we've been to dozens of times.

  • Bryan_Manimal_Pi ( 33 / M / Fayetteville, NC )

    not a movie, so impersonal. start with a small lunch, get some coffee. walk through a park, walk around downtown because there's so much that goes on there, later have a few drinks, relax and talk about interests. and go...  read more >>

  • Secret4real ( 19 / M / Kingston, Saint Andrew )

    Open minded to anything. Just have a good time

  • Beyonder1979 ( 38 / M / Serres, Central Macedonia )

    Let's just walk in the park so we can sit on a bench and talk and get to THRILL each other with our wonderful personalities!! :-D

  • Funwithu2 ( 36 / M / Valparaiso, IN )

    Let's meet up and go for a bike ride to wherever the road takes us. We can stop along the way and get to know one another and go from there.

  • Alan602000 ( 101 / M / Tiffin, OH )

    Maybe a shot ride on the back of an old Harley, stop at a country café for a bite, maybe a short walk just to talk and gather some interest about one another.

  • deadpoet ( 43 / M / San Francisco, CA )

    Would love to go for a bike ride, kayak, or indoor rock climbing.

  • kittykatastrophe ( 25 / W / Salt Lake City, UT )

    I love random adventures, seeing things I haven't before and experiencing all the little things that life has to offer us. I am generally open to trying new things and would love to explore the city or try a new eatery.

  • Jazzmy ( 24 / W / Champaign, IL )

    It'd be pretty interesting to have a first date that was a class like learning how to cook something or making some sort of art thing. That sound new and fun to me.

  • justmakmesmile ( 52 / M / Columbus, OH )

    I like to take a nice walk so that we can talk to get to more acquainted, I like to dance and I also love quiet times I am spontaneous and will go with the mood. Maybe even a helicopter ride or something like that.

  • Tomt81 ( 54 / M / Manhattan, KS )

    Hard to say. Depends on the person and the way the personalities get along. The first date should be individualized for each person.