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  • its_lewis ( 54 / M / Rugby, England - Warwickshire )

    I would just like to speak to a young women or mature one and just take it from there, contact is frist Visual then Mental and communication improves this process. We can take it from there if we are attracted to each ot...  read more >>

  • billd7 ( 66 / M / San Diego, CA )

    dinner, cocktails, and dancing a must!

  • Moonliteluvr ( 65 / M / Gettysburg, PA )

    Hmmmmm..........dinner and a walk along the beach, (if there's one nearby!), or just a walk through a park or wherever. Grab a coffee or something and just sit and talk. I love movies, don't get me wrong but for a first...  read more >>

  • pinky113 ( 57 / W / Orlando, FL )

    going dancing after a romantic dinner , ride in a nice hot sports car . would be awesome ,with a very sweet and sensitive man

  • snowy23456 ( 57 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    As for the lady that I seek, she should be intelligent and honest, with an open mind, an open heart, and preferably a warped sense of humor. I believe that the most satisfying relationships are between people of differin...  read more >>

  • scooter1025 ( 59 / M / Grants Pass, OR )

    I would like to take my date to a place that we could slow dance. Then have a nice dinner in a dark corner of the room. Then a walking in the night on the beach talking and taking in the moment with each others company.

  • simmyt ( 81 / M / Greenville, MI )

    lets take a walk in a park, have a sub sandwich, watch the dogs play, if possible I'd sing you a song, maybe you could join in

  • uscg_guy ( 40 / M / Longmont, CO )

    Dinner and dancing. I want to see how you move. We'll see how it goes from there.

  • xsimon37x ( 44 / M / Hull, England - Yorkshire )

    would like to come pick you up in my car and take you out for an exciting time, want you to have a really good time.x

  • karlwleach ( 53 / M / Dallas, TX )

    Would love to meet at a ballroom dance school, cafe, library, art gallery, hayride so we can interact while doing something active.

  • mickydd ( 50 / M / Philadelphia, PA )

    A trip to an amusement park followed by a moonlight walk along the river bank

  • wz0826 ( 69 / W / San Marcos, CA )

    Yes, a dinner and a walk on the beach will be wonderful.

  • Coalcowboy35 ( 59 / M / College Station, TX )

    Dinner and a walk. Dancing and laughing is a great date, but a first date should give a couple the means to talk quietly.

  • GEO6203 ( 58 / M / Albion, NE )

    I would like to go somewhere quiet,... walk and talk for a while,.. find out about each other, then out for dinner,.. dancing,.. maybe find a beach to see the moonlight relflecting on the water.

  • mickeyb2000 ( 59 / M / Rochester, NY )

    one of the dance clubs, Nola's,Pelican's Nest,Taylor's.