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  • Havingfunnow ( 58 / W / Grottoes, VA )

    We'll enjoy a leisurely brunch at an outdoor cafe with bread, assorted jams, cheese and fruit along with coffee and never ending champagne mimosas. Afterwards, stopping to pick up national and local newspapers and going...  read more >>

  • IQ_168 ( 57 / M / Zephyrhills, FL )

    A picnic lunch in a park on a sunny day is always nice. Though the summer months in Florida are a bit too hot.

  • Konnichiwa ( 23 / W / Victorville, CA )

    A delightful brunch then perhaps a movie afterwards.

  • clive13 ( 42 / M / Redditch, England - Worcestershire )

    Something were both comfortable with and as long as its fun

  • cher1987 ( 40 / W / London, England - London )

    U tell me and ill say yes or no LOL

  • Deedoll ( 72 / W / Little Brak River, Western Cape )

    A wonderful seafood meal out in the fresh air, followed by fruit salad and ice cream for dessert and to top it off - a stroll along the beach.

  • KZDAVE ( 59 / M / Rockledge, FL )

    Somewhere public where we are both comfortable Nice meal conversation and a long motorcycle ride for desert

  • davidd2005 ( 63 / M / Hazelwood, MO )

    BEFOR THERE WAS A DATE 1) email several times 2) TALK ON THE PHONE several times and ask questions . I CAN CALL YOU OR YOU CALL ME 3) meet in person or date out to eat 4 ) MOVE IN togetner 5 ) get ingaged 6) get marryed...  read more >>

  • PTT260 ( 55 / M / Washington, DC )

    Lets meet at yours or my favorite place of dinning, wearing our true faces, have a great time, & walk away with hopes of soon doing it again.

  • pta3411 ( 54 / M / Canandaigua, NY )

    Someplace public where we both feel comfortable, can talk and learn about each other.

  • Masterguard2012 ( 59 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    Have a nice brunch a then walk it off around the Brooklyn area. I can show you my home town ;)

  • Thurque01 ( 61 / M / Dayton, OH )

    A good conversation over a nice country breakfest in a location where the sun shines brightly. I would like the setting to be comfortable, plenty of fresh air and scenery to get us things to talk about and share our opin...  read more >>

  • OldSchool331 ( 68 / M / Lanham, MD )

    laid back... relaxed...casual atmosphere... so we can have some great conversation...

  • rick51 ( 67 / M / Columbus, OH )

    If the first date is in the spring, or summer it like to go to a nice park for a picnic,share a bottle of nice wine and enjoy the stimulating conversation while we become more comfortable with each other.

  • Leojim ( 45 / M / Lowell, MA )

    It would be nice to get together for appetizers and drinks (in case she drinks). There's a place from my country with an excellent brunch, we could try that too.