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  • qtpie57 ( 60 / W / Flushing, MI )

    I think a nice first date is a coffee shop where we can sit and talk.

  • Davidb2001 ( 58 / M / Milford Haven, Wales - Pembrokeshire )

    How about it...? Take a walk, talk, listen, discuss, discover, solve the world's problems and then live with them anyway; we only have the one Karma - the one we've got.

  • SunoBufariSunoBu ( 77 / M / Berkeley, CA )

    mutual decision after. our first phone chat. food and or tea sounds great . then something cultural.

  • spiritual2000 ( 37 / M / Saint George )

    Maybe breakfast or take a nice walk and pick, fruit movies, brunch

  • JohnHealy51 ( 58 / M / Hastings, MN )

    This is a hard one as a first date is never the same. It depends totallly on the person you are with.

  • thelotus7 ( 29 / W / Sterling Heights, MI )

    A dinner or lunch together to meet in public and talk followed by live music or a nice walk in the park or somewhere surrounded by nature.

  • macaroon ( 44 / M / London, England - London )

    maybe swimming at Hampstead Heath so I can show of my athletic, defined physique ;P or some art galleries... failing that tapas or a nice pub

  • Topographic1 ( 60 / M / Montgomery, AL )

    Someplace quiet and civilized like a museum or park is nice .

  • Visark ( 60 / M / Wayne, MI )

    A first date should take place where both parties are comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere should be pleasant and not so public as to not be able to hear or understand the communication between the two of you. The fir...  read more >>

  • smart16 ( 32 / M / Anjou, QC )

    walk by the lake n have a romantic picnic diner

  • Heartfelt2000 ( 66 / M / New Port Richey, FL )

    Meet for a walk on the beach or a visitto an art museum and a glass of wine

  • Tom_Tom2020 ( 48 / M / South Pasadena, CA )

    My ideal date is simple. First date something to make her laugh. Like mini golf. I fall into the lake..act goofy.anything to make her laugh until she pees herself. Followed by ice cream sundaes and magic tricks. No prete...  read more >>

  • rockyblu ( 25 / W / Washington, DC )

    out at a place we can talk like..... - a museum -a book store -site seeing -art galleries

  • Owenriley03 ( 26 / M / Independence, MO )

    I would really be up for anything from dinner, going to a museum, going out for a nice walk, or even mini golfing, just anything where we can get to know each other.

  • timmothy56 ( 61 / M / Wrexham, Wales - Denbighshire )

    a cup of tea coffee or whatever takes your fancy