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  • Lardman ( 23 / M / Virgin Islands (U.K.) )

    my first date l want to see your photos. and tell me if you are a Christian coz l love Christians and l am a Christian

  • leehilburn ( 38 / M / Bacliff, TX )

    somewhere out in the open walking at the Bay sitting outside drinking coffee somewhere public

  • popg228 ( 55 / M / Forest Park, GA )

    I prefer the term first encounter and I don't date that's for children. It's not about an environment if two people are connected anywhere they're going to be OKaand enjoy themselves why? Because it's about the communica...  read more >>

  • naturenymphet ( 39 / W / Sedgewickville, MO )

    Walk in the moonlight , look for clovers all day , hiking , crafts

  • Makk23 ( 41 / M / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    My first date,was like a dream, like i was in another world.

  • primemover ( 59 / M / Fargo, ND )

    Because when it comes to loving someone for a lifetime that is/can sound so daunting and I think we each really need to get in touch with the eternal and the humility in all of us that so many of us like to deny because...  read more >>

  • Tzuri65 ( 52 / M / San Antonio, TX )

    Meet at a park or lookout location and watch the stars go by.

  • tonythetiger88 ( 29 / M / El Monte, CA )

    Nice conversation drink some coffee and share stories

  • electrick ( 63 / M / Grand Bay, AL )

    A warm summer breeze With a blanket spread with a picnic basket A bottle of fine wine Where we could be alone and uninhibited So as to be able to Each others thoughts emotions and desires

  • ann534 ( 57 / W / Australia )

    a nice quite walk along the beach looking at the water and just talking

  • WINDDREAMER17 ( 62 / W / Mountain Grove, MO )

    a first date could be so many different things dependent on the time of day the weather the means of getting to know one another.. A DAY TRIP; WATERFALLS; WALKS ALONG THE RIVERS AND CREEKS; TAKING PHOTOGRAPHY OF NATURE-T...  read more >>

  • Juvie89 ( 29 / M / Moses Lake, WA )

    1-on-1 hangout in quiet location. A long calm drive to get to know one another and be close together. Living a little dangerously and smoking weed together to ease each others nerves and open our minds. Peacefully Kickin...  read more >>

  • johnnyk567 ( 23 / M / Quincy, MA )

    It can be anywhere at any time.

  • BigPapaBaloo ( 64 / M / North Salt Lake, UT )

    Drive out to the Great Salt Lake, picnic on the beach, a dip in the lake, then on a hill to watch the sun set, cuddle by a fire w/coolers.

  • mariainlove67 ( 72 / W / Australia )

    I would like to go to a nice restaurant go on a boat cruise on the water hold hands and talk about anything