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  • 303country ( 74 / M / Elizabeth, CO )

    Quiet dinner in fine restaurant---------violins a plus!

  • mdcotter ( 46 / M / Rocky River, OH )

    Easy go to University Circle to this cool little coffee shop early on a Saturday then head over to the Cleveland Museum of Art for a couple of hours and end the night in Little Italy for dinner.

  • foxxy_bbw61 ( 68 / W / Alton, IL )

    it really depends on the weather. if it is summer, there are all kinds of things to do. picinc, zoo, go to Pere Marquet, look at the scenery, bar-b-que, walk the mall & people watch. go to garage sales, see the botanical...  read more >>

  • manseeks ( 63 / M / Conshohocken, PA )

    A walk through the and conversation

  • nookiehound ( 57 / M / Fort Payne, AL )

    should begin about noon or so fixed up in conservative clothes and begining say at a lake or park with the outside being enjoyed or a dock on a lake .this makes it a easy thing first time in each others company . after t...  read more >>

  • BetweenMeAndYou ( 29 / M / Atlanta, GA )

    Well, Being That It Will Be The First Date It Would Have To Be An Activity That Allowed Us To Hear Each Other. So, We Would Probably Sip Some Wine While Browsing Threw One Of The Many Art Galleries Here In Atlanta, While...  read more >>

  • vacali57 ( 60 / M / Marion, OH )

    Something different. Dinner and a movie is too normal. I not into normal, more into maybe dinner then bowling or maybe paintgun or horseback riding

  • Dreads1972 ( 45 / M / North Little Rock, AR )

    My first date depends on what type of lady im interacting with. All woman aren't the same and dont like the same thing. So ive became a very versitile person who can cover all angles.

  • crayfish ( 74 / M / Bristol, England - Gloucestershire )

    Drink opposite the Strozzi palace in Florence, failing that an English movie I suppose

  • eastcoastbias ( 58 / M / Las Vegas, NV )

    Every girl is different. We will do something that suits us just fine.

  • antiquarian ( 54 / M / Ferndale, Wales - Glamorgan )

    i would like to meet at a gallery or exhibition and have fun wandering around watching the intellectuals talking nonsense about weird and wonderful things.

  • strella ( 57 / W / Forest Hills, NY )

    I will like to go for a walk to the city and have a coffee and something sweet.

  • ExLibris2000 ( 39 / M / Morgantown, WV )

    Anything where we could talk and get to know each other in a comfortable setting. I don't drink coffee and I'm not crazy about bars, but a nice restaurant can be good. I prefer exploring a museum with my date, but since...  read more >>

  • umescorpio ( 52 / M / Ithaca, NY )

    I'm sure between the 2 of us, we can figure it out. If we can't, then we have big problems from the get go. Do you agree?

  • loveandseek79 ( 59 / M / Three Oaks, MI )

    First date I would show up with flowers. I would have asked you a head of time what you like to eat. I would find the most romantic place I could find that severed your favorate food. After eating I would find a place ro...  read more >>