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  • goodbadgrl7 ( 29 / W / Sterling Heights, MI )

    MAybe the DIA, dinner or coffee. Its cold now so not much to do outside for a first date.

  • Monty2121 ( 64 / M / Chesterfield, MO )

    My ideal date would be somewhere we could talk and learn about each other. Coffee is good or a quite dinner.

  • brampton_guy ( 55 / M / Brampton, ON )

    diner,movie,drinks cofee tea walk talk

  • kevseeking ( 63 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    How about a date in Paris? Can we play bowling? Can we see a movie together at the cinema? Would you like to travel with me for a vacation in a resort in africa? Can we make a nice dinner together? Would you go shopping...  read more >>

  • Giuseppe2001 ( 60 / M / Stamford, NY )

    It doesn't really matter, I think the two people involved can figure that out when they get to communicating. Obviously something where there isn't a lot of loud noise that would make conversation difficult.

  • SYC1031 ( 36 / W / Fremont, CA )

    It would be nice if we could spend a couple late afternoon hours strolling around an art or history museum and then find a quiet lounge to end the evening.

  • mskitty2000 ( 69 / W / Sierra Vista, AZ )

    I dislike having to put a first date down on the form...

  • jdstarburst ( 38 / W / Tampa, FL )

    Smiles and laughter, and a nice time with out expecting or feeling like someone is expecting anything more.

  • totouchurlips ( 71 / W / North Bend, OR )

    Dinner and conversation in a quiet place.

  • bluesfan ( 56 / M / Coventry, England - West Midlands )

    At least we get to see something interesting if sparks don't fly !

  • NubianGoddess ( 39 / W / Krauchthal, Bern )

    I am not currently dating in the US, because I prefer Canadian or European men.

  • peppi10 ( 61 / M / San Jose, CA )

    A movie, walk in the park. Walking around the river area downtown.

  • jrd2102a ( 50 / M / Port Huron Township, MI )

    This would vary by the time of year and the woman I am going out with. Something romantic and somewhere we could talk and get to know each other.

  • ndettepa ( 66 / W / Hanover, PA )

    Love going to historical places or museums to SEE history. Enjoy when there are artifacts of notable persons on display... brings them to life for me....

  • finetuner ( 37 / M / Seattle, WA )

    I would be as comfortable doing something intellectual as I would be going ice skating