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  • Mercy0000 ( 27 / W / Wellingborough, England - Northamptonshire )

    Perhaps we could go dining together..

  • MrRight1968 ( 49 / M / Vidor, TX )

    I would like the date to begin with me picking you up and having a dozen of long stemmed red roses for you. Greet you with a simple kiss on your cheek. Arrive at the restaurant and have a table in the corner with candle...  read more >>

  • 59mmATL ( 64 / M / Norcross, GA )

    I want to take a sweet little princess to dine somewhere she may have not been before or a place she has been wishing she could go back to. A place where whispers can be heard and the atmosphere wraps around us like the...  read more >>

  • BambiQ ( 24 / W / Winnipeg, MB )

    I have very high standards so a first date at a dandy little restaurant would be perfect.

  • philly28 ( 30 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    Going out to eat some where nice. Long convo on phone about what we like. Nice wine and candle light. Great romantic night out. Great connection is best.

  • burthom ( 62 / M / Nickerson, KS )

    A nice dinner and then maybe a movie or even just a nice walk. S.ome place quiet enough to talk and get to know one another

  • Wayshower ( 55 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Who knows, depends on the person.

  • loveaboveall ( 49 / M / Anaheim, CA )

    Go have a nice fancy dinner chatting with wine drink if possible go walk on the beach try to be open to each other with honesty

  • amsoready ( 55 / W / Gormley, ON )

    Ask me on a formal date... not to hangout or get together. He is dress to bring a bit of formality to the evening and smell divine. He picks me up for the date, opens the door to his car. We are sitting at a table in one...  read more >>

  • thefenix ( 63 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    I like really good food it doesn't matter where or what type. And if I can't find it I'll cook it myself I'll cook it myself at home. I don't like to eat the same meal twice there are to many recipes out there to alway e...  read more >>

  • mjkoon ( 56 / M / Salem, OR )

    I am open here but I do enjoy a nice dinner at a fine Restaurant. Then a walk along the beach, river, lake, or what ever is available. Time to talk and find out more about you.

  • manny1989 ( 28 / M / Altamonte Springs, FL )

    Well wine and have a nice chat then romance

  • Morpheus2000 ( 49 / M / Austin, TX )

    I think a first date over coffee or a drink would be a good start, just to get to know each other. I'd save a really nice fine dining experience for the second date to give us something to really look forward to.

  • Fritz6971 ( 78 / M / Elgin, IL )

    Take a walk on the beach during the afternoon and watch the sun set. Afterwards go to a fancy restaurant for a gourmet meal and fine wine. Capped off with a leisurely walk t take the lady to her place.

  • rdaddywantu ( 50 / M / Gary, IN )

    a candle light dinner of 2 & after that a back massage & cuddle & watch a good movie while we snuggle on the couch