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  • journey2000 ( 28 / M / Brisbane, Queensland )

    it was great. because i was under a condition to ride a bike to meet her.

  • barwick ( 41 / M / Jacksonville, FL )

    I want it to be a surprise to the woman i love.wanna have my first date with where my woman desire

  • stuntmanjack ( 58 / M / Richmond Hill, ON )

    On a really special date I prefer picking you up in a limo and driving out of town to a nice romantic restaurant,maybe a b&b whatever you like for entertainment,some where on the water is very much appreciated.

  • powdersham ( 37 / W / Enfield, England - London )

    Preferable a quite resturant where we can talk and learn about each other

  • lifestooshortfor ( 73 / M / New Palestine, IN )

    Dinner at a good restaurant, a nice wine, and a chance to get acquainted.

  • gemini0615 ( 62 / W / Youngstown, OH )

    My first date should be a dinner at a fine restaurant or a walk in the park, total extremes!

  • hotjoe ( 55 / M / Carteret, NJ )

    Nothing special, perhaps a fancy restaurant

  • Buck_Wild ( 59 / M / Clearlake Oaks, CA )

    I love fine Dining - So I would pick the finest restaurant in either area (yours or mine) and enjoy great food and great conversation. Sushi is always an option.

  • Dandy4Candy ( 24 / W / Richmond, VA )

    I'm going to cheat and put up two first date ideas, Going out to a great restaurant wearing something formal like a long black halter dress and talking over a fabulous meal, really getting to know each other intellectual...  read more >>

  • Feminina ( 50 / W / Melbourne, Victoria )

    older man (65-75)... long drive into the country,,,particular itmes of my clothes removed... I am in a relationship but what once a month meeting for erotic sex... would love to meet your close friends also... I am 40 ye...  read more >>

  • hlora9786 ( 51 / M / Miami, FL )

    Go to a nice romantic restaurant have a nice dinner with a good glass of wine to get loose and comfy after go for a walk and the rest is history........Lol!

  • pdxboy ( 57 / M / Portland, OR )

    For a first date — maybe lunch, maybe drinks and dinner at a really good restaurant, low key but great wine/food. Then its spontaneous, a walk, maybe shopping for you, maybe music or comedy, theater.

  • TheGreat12000 ( 27 / M / Lake Worth, FL )

    It would have to be... A Secret.

  • Jennette ( 24 / W / Beverly Hills, CA )

    I'm a pretty old fashioned when it comes to first dates. There is nothing I love more then going to a nice restraunt, having a good coversation and then maybe to a movie or something like that afterwards.

  • coachalex ( 50 / M / Waretown, NJ )

    Nice dinner in a quiet small restaurant