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  • cococo ( 60 / W / Portland, OR )

    Talking and walking and then maybe a meal. It doesn't really matter.

  • atlbest1 ( 59 / M / Decatur, GA )

    Something lite to eat or cocktails at a place of your choosing and maybe a movie and we will just let it evolve from there.

  • david1112 ( 56 / M / Tampa, FL )

    Sights, museums, going out for sweets, sushi, they all sound fun. Anything casual and comfortable. Or, if you want some excitement we can meet at Busch Gardens and ride roller coasters all day. I'm not into the dance clu...  read more >>

  • French2013 ( 68 / M / Bowling Green, KY )

    My favorite location is St. Louis Cardinal stadium, but, it is too far for a first date. So, I would enjoy taking you to a play in Bowling Green, Nashville, or Louisville after a great dinner.

  • BTGADL ( 50 / M / Bradenton, FL )

    Dance under the moonlight... Breathe in the stars...

  • appleman2013 ( 59 / M / Sterling, OH )

    How about an afternnon matinee of the Lion King Musical?

  • Scorpio12 ( 51 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    I would like to just meet walk and talk and just get to know you and find out what you are all about.

  • isledoug ( 68 / M / Kings Park, NY )

    Any place we can hold a conversation and take it from, cafe, restaurant./bar. Later a club, museum, restaurant with a cool vibe.

  • simonsays2001 ( 50 / M / Alhambra, CA )

    Dinner,movie, lunch the gym beach? Lets decide.what do you like? Los angeles

  • TVandMovieActor ( 61 / M / Bloomfield, NJ )

    We can decide where, when and what if we are attracted to each other.

  • LucidJammer ( 62 / M / Philadelphia, PA )

    How about a long wakl holding hand to a good live theater, the drinks and a fine diner?

  • westsidephantom ( 58 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    A likely scenario, Perhaps meeting at a coffe house if you are a coffee drinker,Lunch at a bistro or a casual restraunt. Maybe afterwords, a walk in the park if you are an outdoor person.The summer music festival in down...  read more >>

  • kirstenpowell ( 42 / M / Madison, WI )

    sit at home and watch a movie on tv and talk and get to know another

  • TemplarKnight ( 53 / M / Chandler, IN )

    I believe a good date is less about the actual event itself and its location and more about the comfort level of the two people. If one of the two, can be creative enough to come up with a way to lighten the mood and rel...  read more >>

  • Nivrama ( 54 / M / Pensacola, FL )

    My first date would be to go to a nice restaurant for dinner and good conversation. If we had made a connection before ever meeting would then either go to a play at the local theaters or possibly go to listen to some mu...  read more >>