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  • Robby5041 ( 42 / M / Arab, AL )

    I live real close to a nice lake with a walking trail and benches facing the water, so we would meet there sit and talk to see if we are even a good fit for each other. If all goes well we could go out to eat and continu...  read more >>

  • Mike84u247 ( 63 / M / Grand Rapids, MI )

    Walk. Home made dinner. Go to the park and walk and talk

  • Bigcockdave69 ( 49 / M / Perth, Scotland - Perthshire )

    First go for a ride in my jeep into the woods and then camp over night for an intimate snuggle.

  • stryker69 ( 33 / M / Pottstown, PA )

    Best would be out to a bonfire or dinner and a walk. Something to et to know the other person.

  • Mike84u ( 63 / M / Grand Rapids, MI )

    Dinner or set home and cook Have a few drinks

  • jrt610 ( 51 / M / Massillon, OH )

    My first daye wiuld be scarry and butterflies but I would be excited to take a walk or go to the park and talk to see if we have things in common. To see if we make a good match along with making each other laugh and smi...  read more >>

  • Zflee420 ( 21 / M / Burlington, WI )

    Go out to the lake and walk on the beach, and or enjoy the amazing ridges on a hike. Then on he way back stop and have a meal together. Something simple but still romantic and fun.

  • ap123487 ( 24 / W / North Easton, MA )

    A hiking trip somewhere cool with a nice view

  • Youwillluvme ( 38 / W / Roseville, CA )

    A stroll in the park, a coffee and talk.

  • Chantelle234 ( 23 / W / York, England - Yorkshire )

    Cinema, meeting up somewhere, going out for the day

  • benji694u ( 50 / M / Sun City, CA )

    A walk along the beach, a nice lunch.or dinner. Hopefully a nice long kiss. And great conversation just about anything. Pretty.anything that suitable for you. To make you comfortable. Or even what you desire. I  read more >>

  • hollybee ( 36 / W / Ilkeston, England - Derbyshire )

    I would be open to any suggestions of our first date ideas

  • StephanieSlot99 ( 21 / W / Australia )

    Looooove nature :) Also love watching lots of movies!!

  • Sophiemarie ( 22 / W / Sidmouth, England - Devon )

    Something simple... A walk in the park or along the seafront with a bag of chips!

  • Markelliott ( 58 / M / Ranson, WV )

    I am very wide open here .not much I have not done frindley faces good friends being around people that love you