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  • lonelykitty303 ( 38 / W / Denver, CO )

    A walk in the city, movie, coffee, getting to know each other in everything

  • NorthernSky669 ( 24 / W / Somerton, AZ )

    I would really love to ride in a hot-air balloon. Oh, it would feel like an adventurous dream when gazing at the ground below.

  • JAFO408 ( 40 / M / Washington, DC )

    First date, dinner, walk and talk, get to know you, you get to know me, forehead kiss, say goodnight and wait to see if there is a second date

  • Moniqui ( 27 / W / Chicago, IL )

    Wateva u desires, I'm here to make u happy... Put a smile on ur face because everyone needs someone..

  • manwhowants ( 38 / M / Ireland )

    A meal or weekend away city break,no drama just chatand have a llaffing.

  • boston334 ( 25 / M / Trail, OR )

    Just about anything is cool. I just love to spend time with my woman. Im new to this area anyway so you get to tell me where to take you, so it's technically up to you :) love to be outside. I can't get enough of these b...  read more >>

  • cbaby420 ( 41 / M / Logan, WV )

    As long as the 2people can enjoy each other company..... anything can be an ideal date

  • SeannaAnn ( 27 / W / Anchorage, AK )

    Adventure. Culture. A drink. Swimming. Pool. Anything really.

  • ct6969ct ( 38 / M / Corpus Christi, TX )

    Ideal first date is off to some lesser known tropical location.

  • MJL927 ( 39 / M / Newton, MA )

    dinner, walk in the woods, trip to New Hampshire to look at stars, movie.

  • Hank05 ( 38 / W / Australia )

    Head down to the beach for a slow stroll, getting to know each other before going for icecresm

  • Hydepark1962 ( 55 / M / Knoxville, TN )

    A weekend in New York, Los Angeles or Paris in two bedroom suite, get to know each other over champagne and lite dinner followed by a night out on the town. If all works out, nature will take over.

  • Kiana33 ( 36 / W / Belfast, N.Ireland - County Antrim )

    Long walk on a beach maybe a nice chat and dinner I am open to anything 😊

  • travelguitar95 ( 23 / M / Buffalo, NY )

    Get food, go walking or hiking around, do/see fun things.

  • stacey30 ( 38 / W / Asheboro, NC )

    For a first date I think going on a long drive talking and getting to know each other is one of my favorites. Stopping at some little ole hole in the wall to eat then on to sight seeing.