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  • countryliving246 ( 39 / M / Peterborough, NH )

    Someplace outside, a hike or walk, a blanket on a beach.

  • michaelwro ( 38 / M / Bay Saint Louis, MS )

    I like to walk around my home town of Bay St Louis, Mississippi

  • Quintaa ( 20 / W / Petersburg, VA )

    Funny and maybe we can do it again

  • mastergarmon ( 52 / M / Morgantown, KY )

    Walk in the woods talking see if we match

  • babygirlmw ( 38 / W / Shelbyville, KY )

    My ideas if a good date comes I will we any sexy I n the woods and to do it all night and day too. See you later

  • BSRReno ( 55 / M / Reno, NV )

    A light hike or walk about 1-2 hours. Early dinner or late lunch, maybe sushi or Thai. Conversation, drinks maybe, movie maybe. We will see how it goes

  • Jmotox ( 38 / M / Mustang, OK )

    Go for a walk grab a coffee or even just hangout and watch a movie

  • Dragon3x ( 50 / M / Conyers, GA )

    The walk in the park to get to know each other or somewhere quiet so I have the opportunity to talk and to get to know a little about each other to see if there's any chemistry.

  • tomster15 ( 60 / M / Menomonee Falls, WI )

    Maybe a walk and talk, a picnic or a drive to learn about each other

  • Sugapoppa ( 51 / M / Conway, SC )

    A long hike in the woods or mountains, to the river or a great waterfall; to work up a sweat... a drink if needed to loosen up... something light to eat... then a nice long massage with coconut oil! :-)

  • IrishWhiskey17 ( 48 / M / Berkeley Springs, WV )

    A cup of coffee or drink. Maybe a walk in a historic area

  • 11dude11 ( 57 / M / Arvada, CO )

    Drive into the mountains where i live

  • ShrodingersUser ( 35 / M / Mountain View, CA )

    I love going for a long walk as a first date it gives you a great opportunity to get comfortable with someone and get to know them with out having to stare them down over a table in a restaurant for 2 hours.

  • Fonsi86 ( 38 / M / Pryor, OK )

    To take time to get to know them. Before we go out on a second date.

  • 2015abacus ( 53 / M / Milwaukee, WI )

    Let's take a nice brisk walk along the lakefront and top it off with a hot beverage at Colectivo by McKinley beach.