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  • wizardof69 ( 59 / M / Columbus, OH )

    So many possibilities, depending on what the other person enjoys, but obviously it would have to start off in a public place, perhaps meeting for lunch at a cafe or restaurant where there is other people around but yet n...  read more >>

  • ozzyozzy2011 ( 60 / M / Atherstone, England - Warwickshire )

    we could meet in the middle of an open field (under a tree) in the middle of nowhere on a sunny day and have a picnic. if i could play guitar or something, we could have a bit of a jammin session (i'll work on it !!)

  • sizzlerjoe ( 54 / M / Bay City, MI )

    don't matter, we could decide upon agreeing to meet

  • fregate1 ( 41 / W / Hanford, CA )

    1.Farmer's market. 2.The driving range or shooting range. 3.Volunteer(i.e. soup kitchen, Habitat for humanity, donate blood, etc) 4. Music festival 5. Pedicures!

  • luichi ( 51 / M / Edinburgh, Scotland - Midlothian )

    To be on the beach on a summers day walking in the sunshine then in the evening watch the sun go down between the palm trees

  • McVic1 ( 28 / M / Roseburg, OR )

    I dont really care. go out to dinner somewhere then movies, or go out to the beach. whatever

  • sunnyg1rl05 ( 49 / W / Worcester, England - Worcestershire )

    Going for coffee or a walk in a park

  • Littlered2001 ( 62 / W / Sebastian, FL )

    To be near the ocean, to watch a sunset , just to be able to talk and enjoy a drink together.

  • butterflyispinky ( 34 / W / Exeter, England - Devon )

    I think its fun to do something during the day rather than the usual 'go for a drink' sort of thing. I would love to go to the beach or an amusement park or something creative and fun! Dont get me wrong, i love to go for...  read more >>

  • blueeyedbeauty34 ( 40 / W / Louisville, KY )

    My ideal of a first date is getting a bite to eat, then weather permitting, go play some putt-putt, or got to kart kountry...

  • DannyBoy07 ( 66 / M / Fresno, CA )

    A day out for a drive in my Corvette; with or without the top down~~your choice.

  • Jamindude ( 63 / M / Cleveland, OH )

    Spotaneous Combustion and Fireworks

  • uncaljon ( 46 / M / Glendale, AZ )

    pack a bite to eat and hang out in the park getting to know one another. Telling crazy stories of the past and adventures we've experienced.

  • apollo90254 ( 61 / M / Hermosa Beach, CA )

    How about a place that provides more than just food. It's nice to be able to walk after eating and find other things to do. Outside or inside the point is not to be stuck sitting for hours. Casual and without expectation...  read more >>

  • Longleanlady ( 72 / W / Morehead City, NC )

    I hope the first date involves the beach! I am pretty easy to please as all I need is good company, water nearby, the sun , sand followed by a great meal and lots of interesting conversations. I still have all my Harley...  read more >>