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  • View author's info ( 27 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    Let's take a long walk, around the park, after dark, find a spot to spark conversation, verbal relation, and stimulation.

  • View author's info ( 47 / M / Ipswich, Queensland )

    I would do anything to make sure the women is pampered and swept off their feet

  • View author's info ( 27 / W / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    How about I play Mistress, you play sub and we flirt and tease all night. No limits?

  • View author's info ( 22 / W / Hazlehurst, GA )

    I seriously wouldn't know where to go or what to do, I haven't had any date at all yet.

  • View author's info ( 52 / M / Punta Gorda, FL )

    All sorts of dates can be first dates. It really is up to the individuals going on the date. Communicating honestly about what someone wants on a date is really the best thing. That includes, suprise me! Then I wouldn't...  read more >>

  • View author's info ( 61 / M / Columbus, OH )

    Dinner and drinks to exploring a museum

  • View author's info ( 31 / W / Portland, OR )

    I am always looking forward to what the guy has come up with for a date plan. With that being said, I leave it to you, to make this decision. One thing: No theater or movies please :)

  • View author's info ( 29 / M / Keller, TX )

    I'm not really much of a planner. I like to let go of the reins and see where life takes us. If you're into Museums and Art Galleries lets have a cultured evening. If you're into live music, then let's go see a show! If...  read more >>

  • View author's info ( 33 / M / Everett, WA )

    Im an adrenaline junkie so you can't be a sissy and must like a little danger. With that being said its up to you what we do as long as there is a happy ending

  • View author's info ( 20 / W / Oelwein, IA )

    Stargazing will always get to me Whether it’s a blanket in a field or a couple of deck chairs on a rooftop. Visiting a Museum- I used to think the Metropolitan Museum of Art was for old, rich people and smelt like fart...  read more >>

  • View author's info ( 23 / M / Brampton, ON )

    To be honest I would Take you shopping, than eat dinner. Proceeded by a viewing of a gallery or something similar. But my goal here is to enjoy the night in a more satisfying way.

  • View author's info ( 52 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    A first date could be anything from just meeting for coffee or a cocktail, to going go kart racing or finding a little spot for dessert and an espresso. It could be whale watching or a museum. It depends on the person th...  read more >>

  • View author's info ( 45 / M / Dexter, MO )

    Dinner drinks then who knows

  • View author's info ( 23 / W / New York, NY )

    I love trying new things. Let's go to the Chef's Table and taste an array of strange sea creatures. Liebeslieder Walzer is playing, we could BYOB the ballet. Or perhaps sample some Grand Dame and learn to flambé. My ide...  read more >>

  • View author's info ( 46 / M / West Chester, PA )

    Spend the night in the city