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  • VianneRocher ( 56 / W / New Orleans, LA )

    I think we should meet in a beautiful, public place - like the Lakefront on the Riverfront or maybe The Four Columns on St. Charles. It should be relaxing so that we may be relaxed and comfortable to be our true selves...  read more >>

  • BigBrownTeddy ( 61 / M / Marina del Rey, CA )

    Candlelight dinner and then a walk on the beach...:)

  • Joker927 ( 65 / M / East Peoria, IL )

    I like to keep it simple with a drink or go for a dessert. Just to see if there is any chemistry. Take a walk and talk.

  • trotterdaniel ( 57 / M / Baraboo, WI )

    We go to yours or my place and make sweet,passionate love for hours...take a break and DO IT again and again til we both feel we got it right???

  • maconochie ( 62 / M / Brighton, England - Sussex )

    Meet for drinks then the theatre or cinema then parting drinks/supper.

  • Justine4u ( 59 / W / Washington, DC )

    Drinks in a quiet place where we can get to know each other or walking along a beach, or dinner in an interesting restaurant.

  • vickiamb ( 62 / W / Portland, OR )

    My first date idea would be to meet for coffee, but prior to this i think getting to know each other over the phone would make it easier to get together for coffee.

  • kevin20052000 ( 44 / M / Atlanta, GA )

    A quiet dinner getting to know one another

  • SEDD1940 ( 78 / W / Fresno, CA )

    Suprise me. I love intelligent conversation by a fireplace and there is a special place I am sure near here that has just that. I love Mexican foor and Prime Rib and yeah I love healthy food but not as much as I like the...  read more >>

  • musomonty ( 51 / M / Geelong, Victoria )

    Anything from a night on the town to a nice dinner at a cafe or restaurant.

  • baylady ( 73 / W / Austin, TX )

    Whether it is a coffee shop, long walk, picnic by the water or in the park. Go to a thought provoking movie, somewhere to talk and share life's treasures. A museum or a play.

  • ChocLabradorguy ( 65 / M / San Diego, CA )

    Dining at an interesting ethnic restaurant with an intriguing wine, followed by a play or concert, then a quiet walk together.

  • Bett2001 ( 71 / W / Alexandria, VA )

    A nice dinner and a walk afterwards. Most important is the chance to talk and get to know each other in a neutral, but nice, setting. Or, a baseball game or other sporting event. Or, my personal favorite, a picnic overlo...  read more >>

  • beldog ( 71 / M / New Orleans, LA )

    A walk through the French Quarter, a ride on the street cars with a stop for coffee. An early dinner then time to check out the live music venues maybe the House of Blues or Margaritaville. Laughter, conversation, and if...  read more >>

  • Kirsch2000 ( 59 / M / Denver, CO )

    Dinner and a movie? Perhaps the zoo? I am open on this