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  • shystar2015 ( 41 / W / Canton, OH )

    A nice long walk and picnic at the park!

  • Debbie42 ( 45 / W / Columbus, OH )

    On the date I want to be picked up go somewhere for 2 I'd like a smooth Chardonnay good food and good vibes about the present and future. A good time and that could be anywhere. Plenty of laughing jokes and so on. I love...  read more >>

  • leeannalove ( 39 / W / El Paso, AR )

    funny happy smilez no care to worry.

  • aaron90 ( 46 / M / Candler, NC )

    Go out to eat see movie or to sporting event concert then get a room

  • teffney32 ( 39 / W / Milwaukee, WI )

    Conversation and not McDonald's

  • dlimbo90 ( 39 / M / Greenville, SC )

    Dinner and a movie or something outdoors. I do likebto be spontaneous and surprise you! Maybe a concert

  • rich14 ( 39 / M / United Kingdom )

    Italian restaurant then a local pub with live music and your place or mine afterwards

  • CowboyZeee ( 61 / M / Peyton, CO )

    Depends on the weather. It could be Snow skiing, It could be Scuba Diving, Watching a movie , dinning out, some nature of a sporting event. Even shopping. The weather depends

  • Gr8flDad ( 39 / M / Shawnee, KS )

    I'm full of good ideas I don't really like the dinner date kind of very uncomfortable I do like going for appetizers and a couple beers and he will have our conversation goes and figure it out together.

  • crazzyace ( 44 / M / South Beloit, IL )

    Anything could be fun as long as your open to ideas. I love new experiences and showing people their first times to new experiences.

  • justforyou513 ( 58 / M / Lexington, MO )

    im open to anything that sounds like fun

  • Hellenbaes ( 32 / W / New York, NY )

    Will love to meet my date where we never plan to meet so everything could look serious and real....would want that person to be of more host to the gist.

  • hannahvonvanity ( 22 / W / Wapwallopen, PA )

    I'm always open to new ideas and love adventure . Not set on what exactly I wanna do

  • passion4young ( 60 / M / Pottsville, PA )

    Well the first real date after meeting to see if there would be a first date would have to involve whatever is mutual to both. Hopefully an outdoor activity, or local music event. Even just a good dinner and drinks.

  • MRWATSHISFACE ( 39 / M / Oxnard, CA )

    Do whatever my match wants to do