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  • crazylady2000 ( 64 / W / Deer Park, WA )

    My first date idea is to go to Cannon Beach, Oregon and have a picnic lunch so we can get to know each other better. Then we can play in the ocean, walk hand in hand along the sandy beach, and listen to romantic music on...  read more >>

  • racetowin ( 78 / M / Carmel, IN )

    For a first date I like to go out to dinner someplace we can talk. We can always do more if we both agree, like a movie or Pub.

  • Launcelot ( 76 / M / Cleveland, OH )

    My first date must include my first lady's input. As my first priority will be her, not me.

  • matu2004 ( 66 / M / Naperville, IL )

    I am open to ideas and find enjoyment in the simple things in life...

  • MasterB333 ( 66 / M / San Diego, CA )

    I invite you to San Diego, California to visit for two or three days; of course I pay all of your travel and accommodations. Then I play tour guide and perfect host to introduce you to the San Diego metro area. We do som...  read more >>

  • phillipsharp ( 63 / M / Austin, TX )

    dinner at red lobster followed by concert

  • QueenBrown ( 57 / W / Baton Rouge, LA )

  • WillRudy57 ( 60 / M / Bothell, WA )

    Take in a performance at the 5th Ave theatre, a nice dinner at Mortons or the Metropolitan Grill and drinks afterward at the Fairmont. All followed by a nice walk along the waterfront.

  • youngbbw ( 31 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    I like for things to be comfy the first few dates because it's all about getting to know one another..

  • sprucecone ( 75 / M / Juneau, AK )

    First date could be dinner, live theater, symphony or another venue depending on whats available.

  • OtterDancing ( 57 / M / Paradise, CA )

    I like anything where we have the chance to talk. A walk on the beach would be great as well as dinner somewhere but who know. I love the performing arts, so maybe some theatre or dance would be good. Maybe we go out dan...  read more >>

  • bsybdy2 ( 80 / W / Santa Barbara, CA )

    Eating,drinking and being merry.

  • hello2u2010 ( 66 / M / Oklahoma City, OK )

    A restful lunch or cup of coffee at a nice coffeehouse convenient for my friend to visit. Talk about anything you want to; I'm a very good listener and if you would like to know more about me, well, that's fine too.

  • Art2010 ( 71 / M / Beech Grove, IN )

    The first date should be a talk date. I would like to have diner and a walk along the canal or dinner and a movie. My favorite is the Beef and Boards Dinner Theater where you are fed a great meal during the intermission...  read more >>

  • Jampion ( 66 / M / Bonita Springs, FL )

    Let's go to a movie, see a band, watch a play...