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    I signed up for this site yesterday & its initial outlook seems promising.  Today I got a wink from someone. No photo, their English seems broken, poor or no punctuation or capitalization where it's supposed to be.  I was hoping this site would be scammer free. Has anyone encountered such on here?
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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 18, 2013 at 04:21 AM

    I have read some of the comments regarding the subject of scammers in this topic and other topics on agematch. I am a little concerned that some here do not understand the seriousness of what you are delving in or worse, don’t seem to understand that some of the “people” they are exchanging emails with are hardened criminals, usually abroad. Far away from American prosecution. And therefore run rampant on the internet. Not harmless “rascals” . No different than the Felons in our own federal penitentiaries.

    Potentially dangerous people. Some of their profiles are easy to spot for many of us. But I read time and time again of the guy who just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t see the obvious con that he is falling for. The guys that speak of and ask questions or advice about a “very attractive younger women who wink sat him, maybe gets a reply to his email and can’t see the red flags a lot of us do.

    By the way...many scammer profiles are well written now as people are catching on to their poor grammar they used in the past. However those are canned profile phrases, words etc that are used and reused again...simply rearranging the sentences here and there for different profiles they have going. But when they write you in reply to your email you send...they don’t have that perfect generic wording they can just drop in so they actually have to write to you and that’s their Achilles heel. That’s when you start to see the red flags

    The very way they write a sentence is not the way we speak in the western world. And a lack of proper grammar. They use phrases and words that usually people who have English as a second language would use. But we would find odd if  it were spoken to us in person.  Who uses the phrase “ I am Loyal women”.  And the over used “Fun Loving” and “trustworthy”.  Many say they are Christian, knowing Americans have a strong Christian history.  Here is an excerpt I lifted from an email to me. It’s actually not a really obvious example...more subtle.  See if you can find what’s wrong with it.  And keep in mind she says she’s  White, mid 20’s and she is a college graduate with a degree...and this is only the 3 rd email exchanged( and  never seems to answer my questions nor ask me things I would think are important for a young lady to know about a man she has never met before.  Yet suggest I meet her as soon as possible..

    From LEE ( her name she gave me)  “...I would say I'm looking for special man that is fun loving and kind, truthful and up front,Someone i can trust and be completely honest with all times to always be there for,love me and i would return 100% as i would expect the same from my partner and In short someone who completes me.I guess I'm not asking for much. I think we should meet now as I have time off of work next week”.  End of excerpt..

    Keep in mind we have only exchanged 3 emails of which very little meaningful info was exchanged.  She asked for next to no information about me and where she would be staying or anything about my life and who I am.  Here are the buz words that scammers over use. The latest is “Completes me”.  And  obviously “Fun Loving” and some grammar issues and then at some point...they request you buy em a ticket, send money etc etc.. what ever it is...but it’s always kinda  fast.  These guys want to steal your money for as little effort as possible. And YES, I meant GUYS. Sorry to break the news to you fellas, but these scammers are typically young men, usually of African origin...west coat or Nigeria etc. They work in groups or loose associations ( that’s how they share their common profile wordage and help each other come up with better grammar for their initial profiles.)

    Try to picture a dirty little room set up as a internet cafe for thieves in some back woods African village or township. Literally a crowded room with con men answering emails from American men ( and women) all day and night working their scams,   The lovely Veronica or Suzy you think you are writing to and is writing back is actually a 20 to 30 year old African man just waiting for you to fall for his trickery.

    Sorry guys, but that old saying if it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t applies to  your   common sense you through out the window when you actually thought a HOT 22 year old girl actually finds you attractive and wants to meet you.. Cause’ that happens all the time to you, right? lol.  Now, I’m not saying that it NEVER happens. In fact...there are some girls that will meet you and and actually will fly to America for a better life.  Typically from Russia and the old Eastern block countries, Asia too. They usually leave you right at the moment they get the green card and can legally stay in the USA with out being married to you anymore.  More times than not.

    But I’m not talking about those situations.  I’m talking about true criminal con men trying to separate you from your hard earned money by fooling you into thinking you are about to get LUCKY with a hottie who’s life is so miserable and who’s future is so bleak that they will even love you and you’re just the guy to save them, you big super hero American. They pull your heart strings while appealing to your lust and loneliness.

    You’re so immediately thrilled that a young beautiful women has responded to your winks etc. that you are blinded to the subtle signs that something isn’t right. You want to some cases you have to believe because you’re counting on your investment paying off.  The monthly promise these sites suggest to you in the form of fees you pay  suggest you’ll meet someone eventually . And maybe you will. But  I don’t go to Vegas to gamble cause I know the odds. I suggest that I would be more likely to win millions of dollars at a Vegas crap table than get laid by a young Hot chick I met on the other side of the world. on a dating site..and live happily ever after.

    All that said and done...I am just suggesting that you be very very cautious and be realistic...using your common sense and life experience to guide you. Not your lust or loneliness. Remember...we all know you NEVER go grocery shopping just before dinner when you are most hungry. lol

  • View author's info Posted on May 25, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    this site has plenty of scammers at lest four have   contacted me for money ,oh and they fall in love quickly and wanna come right to you for  three hundred dollars and keep insisting there real to boot,so yes theres scmmer here beware
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 05, 2012 at 11:31 AM

    I think this site is legit. If agematch does have a few "scammers", they'll eventually be flushed out by the mods here. I think what has happened to you is that, unfortunately, the person who was interested in you doesn't even have an average command of the English language. Chalk it up to the "cons" of being on this site and opening yourself up to all kinds of replies from all sorts of different people from ALL walks of life. Don't feel obligated to answer or return each and every e-mail or "wink" that sits in your inbox. Simply reply to the e-mails from women who interest you and delete the ones that don't interest you or that downright turn you off.
    Good luck and welcome to Agematch!
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