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    I've always liked my dates to be older. I find older men more attractive than younger men. I also find them to be more mentally appealing. It isn't just in relationships either. I find myself befriending those who are older, both men and women, than people of my own age. 

    I actually mean twice my age or older. Granted I'm only 20, and 40 isn't that old but I hope the point still stands. 

    I want to converse with my peers at college, and try to connect with the few amount of friends I've made, but no matter who I speak with it's loudly announced that how I date or what I find attractive is this I shocking ordeal. 


    One of my best friends was a 48 year old male. That is all we were was friends. I can see how people aren't used to it, but to find it so shockingly strange irritates me. 

    If I express to you the situation I expect that as my friend or my family to trust my judgment. I'm young, not stupid. 

    That being said...

    Hey how are ya?

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    If the woman initiates things then no problem.  When it some old predator chasing young tail its a big problem.

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    Vast difference in older and elder. I've said it before though-perception is valid. I know some pretty old 18 y.o. women; as well... some very immature 48 y.o. women. Treating a woman, "right" or indifferent to how a younger man "might" or "would" cannot and more importantly isn't relative. However, it matters not. It's comparitvely like preaching to a bar full of Englishmen, "hey you fuckers, I'm Irish-therefore I can hold my liquor better". I think that's what is missing in some of the dialogue, no forum in particular. Women like what women like. Nature/nuture...whatever. I don't see 70 y.o. men chasing women any less proatively than the other. Some just have more libido, others less time left on earth and less wind in their lungs for thrusting.

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    Agreed. I'm friends with women quite a bit younger than me, and we get along great. I also found an amazing woman on this site, we were GF/BF for quite awhile, but it ended last summer. Still, it was great while it lasted, and am hoping for another. Just joined to facilitate the process ;-)


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    We know how to treat a woman it comes with respect and you get that with age .

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    I agree.  There's a maturity you just can't get from younger men. 

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