Really? Is there anyone (female) on here that is for real? Younger Women/Older Men Forward to friends

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    Hi all,


     As strange as it may seem. Every female that I can tell that has contacted here that has a profile in the USA, but for whatever reason they are ALL out of the country. Many go on and on how they want to meet, then suddenly there are unforseen cricumstances and they need money. Happened to you? Only the ones in South Africa seem to be on the up and up as to where they actually are. There must be a whole bunch of scammers or a few very busy people doing the scamming. So to note, if you ;adies want money, forget about it.


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    I am running into the same situations... alot of Scammers.

    I am geting them from Russia, Ghana, and now Asia.

    Beware... i would also suggest to them to get "Photo Verify"

    As soon as I said that to a girl, she said "Bye"

    Good luck


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    Yes there are scammers on every site, even a PenPal site. Mostly Africans but am running into Russians now. I almost pity these people who have to lie and cheat and steal to make a living. 


    I used to trust everybody but now 1st thing I do is run their picture through Google image finder.  It's about 50/50 finding bad pics and clean, but get them to give you more pics. A bad one will turn up eventually.


    Good luck and be careful.

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    Geez guys, I'm sorry you have to go through all that trouble, but it happens to us girls too :). There are plenty "real" females out there. All I can say is watch out for those messages that has emails addresses in it and they are usually a mile long.


    Good luck in your search :)

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     Hey thanks for the reply.


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