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    I see from your profile that you have been thinking a lot about the biological explanations for the things you have experienced in your relationships and what you've observed in the relationships around you. I have been very focused on those explanations too. I just started a topic today I titled "primal instinct?" because I have been trying to explain to myself the extraordinary experiences I've been having with older women. There is something very different and intense about these experiences. I want to find the words and concepts to explain it. I can see that you have much to offer on the subject. I hope you will.
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    I'd love to get to know a more mature lady being near me. Older women ROCK because they can be aggressive, and are not to shy.
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    You seem to be a woman who knows what she wants. I admire that. I think you're qutie lovely.
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    hey artsysmartsy. how do you like things in tampa? care to chat sometime? check out my profile.
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    you sound sweet! thank you
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