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    Boy this site has a lot of crap on it. I signed up to make a connection with a woman younger than myself and after reading half the stuff here I don't think I'll re-new when the time comes. A simple little thing like finding a friend shouldn't be so hard as there is a world of people out there. Between the scam artists, the transvestites, the boys saying they are girls and the people who just want to write and share there poety it's hard to get anywhere on here. People you'd better wise up and smell the roses as these options won't be here very much longer. This world has changed and is getting worse. Love is a precious thing that should be savored. To hold ones hand and walk in harmony and to share ones intimate thoughts is a privlage. I remember being in love as a pleasure not a chore and it's being taken out of context here with the the looking for perfection and girl/guy of my dreams angles. Romeo Romeo wherefore art though Romeo........they shot the SOB for dressing funny..........get with the program people. Love someone!!!

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 06, 2006 at 02:58 PM

    yea i know,, imagine a 50 year old oversized phantom looking for man 33to 42yrs old .. now com on ladies .. this is spose to be fir mature adults..why dont you women get real ..loose some weight for god sakes ... most of you women are either perimenopause, or post menopause,, stop acting as if your hormone levels are in sync..or you might just find yourself , lonely as hell ,looking for the nearest girlfriend for bingo nite .... life turns on a dime.. its later than you think,,,stop kiddin yourselves...and for god sakes,,,LOOSE SOME WEIGHT....
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