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    I agree with you that guidelines should be flexible and I think most advertisers DO try to keep open minds, but physical attraction is a big part of a relationship and some preferences really are non-negotiable. If an advertiser has clearly stated that she's seeking a female, it's probably pointless (and even a bit annoying) for a male to respond. By the same token, if she says she's looking for a local, single guy in his 20's, chances are pretty poor of her writing back to a 53 year-old married man from Nigeria. I don't expect everyone who contacts me to be a perfect match and an age difference of 2 or 3 years is certainly not going to be a deal-breaker, but when I've spent over an hour creating my ad, there is no way I'm going to answer a guy who obviously didn't even spend 45 seconds reading it.
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    yes I agree that everyone should try to respond if the inquiry looks authentic. You can probably tell when someone is just throwing darts and who is sincerely interested in you.

    I also think it is silly to put lock tight limits on what you are looking for. Does it really matter if someone is 34 instead of 36? These people do not live in reality and are only asking to be lied to. Guidelines are important but I wouldn't recommend using them primarily as filters. If you are then you are missing out. These women need to stop being so closed minded and they probably wouldn't have reason to be online because there are a lot of great guys out there.
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    Hey guys...

    Here is a young lady who is inviting "someone" to chat with her, and I have this feeling that she is directing this to the original person who brought this issue up...
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    hey sexy i hope you want to talk and have fun cause i am looking for a male who wants to talk and meet sometime maybe even a relationship so if you want to talk please reply to this message
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    I also think that many people here do not log in every day. Not everyone is going to respond, no matter how wonderful we are, LOL!

    Although I will say that I have had success in meeting someone with whom I am having ongoing communication with and have plans to meet up with as well. Now, take a look at the face looking at you. That is a true tribute to this site, LOL!

    BTW, I hardly think the problem concerns Lesbians, Dr. Kinsey, Ph.D.
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    Well ... how to say this delicately ... complaining about not getting responses is a bit presumptuous.

    First, you're assuming they received your message ... when, there's the very distinct possibility it never made it to their inbox. Email systems aren't perfect, and I can think of plenty of times where I've had incoming messages dropped or spam-blocked accidentally. So, how can you complain about something you're not 100% sure they even got?

    Second, how can you be sure their response didn't suffer a similar fate? Again, you're assuming they just didn't reply; or never made an attempt ... when the opposite could have been true.

    Third, you have to take into account that at least a portion of the free memberships here aren't genuine ... that they're a bogus person who's trying to harvest email addresses. You're never going to get a response from them.

    Now, I'm not excusing rude behavior ... but just floating some other possibilities. To reaffirm what one of the ladies said, there's also a lot of people who simply don't read their "target's" profile as closely as they should, or just plain ignore their preferences, and still respond when they're nowhere near what that person is looking for. So, isn't it just as rude to ignore what a person is looking for, and waste their time by thinking their preference doesn't apply to us? IMHO, it sure is ... and I would never expect someone to respond if I had blatantly ignored their match preferences.

    We have to remember, for as much as we want to feel important, our message may only be one of dozens, or hundreds, of messages that person may have received ... and we should be realistic when hoping for a response.

    Yes, it's nice to receive a reply ... and shows they have manners. To expect one, to me at least, is a bit selfish and needy. Just get over it, and move on. You can't "show" people that you're a worthy partner, they have to discover that for themselves. If they m...
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    If someone takes the time to write it is rude not to reply.It takes only a minute to say thank you but we are not a match or something similar.People have become increasingly lazy,discouteous and lacking in common manners.If the letter is crude or offensive ,it does not warrant a reply.However,I reply often to those I have no interest in and I tell tem so,it is not to hurt them but to be honest about what I seek and extend them the courtesy of replying.
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    you don't need to be a premium member to reply to an e-mail you recieve from a premium member. Age Match makes that clear if you would read further.
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    Or, just maybe, it's just that they don't have a premium membership yet.
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    Maybe because you don't know how to spell!!
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    Nice answer, Joyce21; you are a sharp one. I'm sorry we're not a match (I sort of think we might be...)
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    You **winked** at me so I will tell you why I did not respond. My match is not a male, but a female. I have been extremely successful in speaking to people who meet my criteria, which isn't very hard, if you would take the time to just read a profile and not focus on the body and the face of the person...I just delete all males who respond to my ad. I am sorry, but that's my preference....