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    Anybody interested in spiritual topics???
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    Every breath every day is a miracle.....the sun , the stars, the flowers, and trees are miracles. As I look out my french doors and watch the rain fall, I appreciate the miracle of that (especially in Southern California). Love in all of its form is a miracle. And when I have the right attitude; heaven is right here right now!
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    mikeinparadise write:
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    Since you believe in God and the Devil....You might as well believe in Santa, the tooth fairy and The Easter Bunny too, There is no difference what-so-ever.

    Re: What do you mean about believing in Santa? Am I missing something?
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    Wow mikeinparadise...you seem so in love with your own words and thoughts that I'm surprised you deign to frequent any online dating sites at all. Have you never heard the tired expression about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar (not that I'm calling anyone a fly here)? Of course you don't have to subscribe to organized religion, but you don't have to be a crabby misanthrope to everyone else. How will anyone ever know your better qualities?
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    Well, it's 2007 & I am wondering if you are still interested in your topic. Since it was 2005 when you started it. And wonder is this all the responses you have seen or have some been weeded out?
    I personally believe loving God & learning what the Bible says about love - with the intent of living it out - is the key to transfering that lifestyle over to the way we should treat one another. Take a perfect example - then work it among imperfect people too.
    Shared common interest - let alone shared love for something or someone draws people together.
    So a mate who loves God & is excited by my love for God will take us higher - totally higher - than not having that to share.
    Someone who knows my loving God also translates to my loving life & celebrating life. This person can find that the love for life I have is the core for sharing my life & giving love to her.
    To complain is always a bad idea. To state a problem to solve it has it's place. The woman who: understands I love God & talk about God & from my love for God I find my love for her, will want to encourage me in loving God. By loving God I in turn love things God loves. And seeing a mate with the love God has for her is a much bigger vision of love for her than trying to run on my finite energy to understand & show the part of love I understand & could give her. I know at times His love for her passes understanding into something bigger. So we get to share times in the AWESOME ZONE where like the stars there are more things of value and love than we can begin to see.
    So: "Yes, Virginia there is a santa Clause." :)
    Humor aside: Yes, spiritual interests do, for my two cents worth, have a significant influence in what a couple shares, or can share.
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    In Reply to bunnybiz:

    Since you believe in God and the Devil....You might as well believe in Santa, the tooth fairy and The Easter Bunny too, There is no difference what-so-ever.

    First I Didn't twist any of Jesuses words to suit me, I said his words where metaphores. Thats my point... Jesus CLAIMED that he was the son of the living god.

    Second There is no Holy Spirit that's just wishfull thinking.

    Third, I didn't say that I was a god and i can't save people from there own devils. Jesus did not do signs, miracles and wonders, The church says that Jesus did miracles and wonders because gullible people like you would believe it. I can tell that you get all emotional about this subject

    Want to do some good in this world? Focus on true reality. Stop being lazey and use your brain instead of having someone else doing your thinking for you. Stop wasting your time waiting to die so you can go into "heaven" or STOP waiting for some GOD to come and save you. No God is coming to save you, You have to save yourself

    The opposite is true of what you said here "To be carnal minded is death but to be spiritually minded is Life" I'll put it in another way. To be Mystical minded is death but to be Non-mystical minded is life
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    I consider myself Christian but spiritually non-religious. I see Christanity as spirituality, not religion. Anything that has to do with bible thumpers, holy jihad, or anything where beliefs are forced down a person's throat or condones violence is not the Christianity I have come to know my entire life. I hear so much about love the sinner but hate the sin. Yet, I see so much contradiction with that where I've been throughout different parts of the USA (I was born in Chicago and lived all my life in this country). I know of people whose sexual orientation was vastly different than mine, yet I respected them far greater than I did with people of the same sexual orientation as myself. Why? Because a lot of these people who are same sexual orientation as me would act like people who are from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community don't even exist and ignore them as much as possible. If it's about love the sinner and hate the sin, it's time that the Christian community begin to reach out to the LGBT community and love them just like everyone else who isn't "different" than them. Too much of the Christian church has been about legalism - "You can't eat your cake but I can and I'll let you know when you can eat yours." Which is a large reason (among other reasons) why I am no longer a Christian conservative. People should come to a conclusion about what they believe, not just because others have told them only two divergent viewpoints exist. I respect everyone for what they believe greatly. However, we live in a dying and hurting world where people need to be ministered to and do not want Christianese shoved down their throats. People want to know how much you care before they'll ever care how much you know. This is the 21st century - not the 1950's.

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    How can someone that claims to be an atheist even understand what Jesus Christ was saying. Jesus Christ claimed to be the Son of the Living God. You don't believe in any God. You have twisted the words of Jesus Christ to suit you.

    The words He speaks are spirit and life. You have to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to understand what He is talking about. That means being born-again when your spirit is indwelled by the Holy Spirit being made alive again.

    To be carnal minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life. Your mind can't begin to understand/comprehend the words of Jesus Christ without the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

    You say that you are a "god". What can you do? Can you heal the sick? can you delivered people from devils? Sorry you probably don't believe in the devil. Can you do signs, miracles and wonders? Christ Jesus did because He did the work of His Father in Heaven because of His compassion (Love) for people. For God is Love.
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    That's why Jesus spoke in metaphors and parables to the crowds. You cannot make a huge leap in consciousness until the groundwork is first laid. Developing consciouscess and becoming your own authority is clearly Jesus' message. And in order to be your own authority you must break with all authorities, including the mystical authority "God". All mystical literature states this...that you must give up even the spiritual. And all mystics came to this stage. But they would not tell you what they discovered. The few who did were ostracized or even killed.

    Realizing that all mystical experiences come from your own right hemisphere and not from outside of yourself or from "God", comes as a great shock. And the realization produces tremendous anger...anger at those who know the truth but write books encouraging you to follow the false beliefs. In the final analysis, you know that you are responsibile for your own involvement...for your own gullibility.

    Once knowing the truth one recognizes that the insights one has had are no different from the insights that scientists, businessmen and other creative people have. It's just the interpretation that was wrong...they were not mystical insights coming from outside yourself...coming from "God".

    That's the final identification all mystics make. Reality is the only world. There is no mystical world. God does not exist. I am my own authority. And with this realization one has reached full consciousness.

    With fully conscious people, we can step into what Jesus called "The Kingdom of God". Or what is called down here on planet earth The Civilization of The Universe.
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    ......To contrast two of these examples gives us understanding of what Jesus was teaching. He wanted every man to develop consciousness. Putting yourself first allows you to be a whole person...a whole person who can produce and contribute to society. Putting others first and being selfless creates an inner conflict which puts you out of control of your life...and makes you assume that other people are also at your disposal. By contrast, a man who follows his own self interest extends that same right and respect to every other individual. Unfortunately, many who intellectually advocate self interest and the ego do not inwardly understand the true nature of these two important characteristics. Honest introspection would do so.

    This is just one example of the many religious beliefs that go against an individual's true nature. Through introspection and having to meet reality in your daily life, you discover this fact...until one by one every false doctrine is seen through. Then you are no longer divided against yourself but become whole...one with your true nature. Once you have achieved this understanding you are ready to achieve the second major step to consciousness.

    The second major stage to consciousness is to become your own authority. This was clearly evident with Jesus who spoke with authority...and we are suspose to follow his example. In speaking with authority Jesus completely amazed the people because no religious leader of the time spoke in such a manner. Jesus and his disciples broke many of the religious laws of his time. When confronted by the Pharisees, Jesus said that laws were made for man, not man for the laws.

    Once a person is conscious of ethical and honest behavior and the inner and psychological reasons why that behavior is essential to his and others' happiness, then he is ready to become his own authority. However, a person must start living a self directed and self interested life to build the confidence needed to break through to the second stage...to become his own authority. continued in my next post below....
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    That introspection, that getting in touch with and understanding our own emotions, leads to the conscious awareness of what is moral, good and right. That process lies at the heart of Jesus' message. Through this route a surprise emerges. Jesus' call to the weary, the suffering, the lonely was a constant theme throughout his ministry. For, those who are unhappy in someway are the most likely to introspect. Also "following his example" with the difficult trials he had to face is a way toward introspection, a major route to consciousness and the knowledge and wisdom of the "Kingdom of God".

    Consciousness was developed about three thousand years ago. As societies became more and more complex, the bicameral mind became inadequate to cope. This new way of thinking coincides roughly with the rule of King David in the Old Testament. Moses lived in the thirteenth century B.C. which puts Abraham, the father of the Hebrew nation, even earlier. Historically then the early books of the Bible are stories of bicameral men. Those who lived by codes of conduct handed down to them by authority figures.

    The Old Testament prophets give a vivid picture of the awakening of consciousness in man with the culmination in Jesus' ministry.

    There are two major stages to consciousness, to becoming aware. The first stage has to do with ethics and moral behavior. And this requires complete honesty.

    In following Jesus' example, he said you must die and be reborn. This is a metaphor, of course, but you must die to the old ways of thinking which keep you locked in an anti-civilization. Through introspection and examination you come to realize that contrary to church doctrines and religious beliefs you must act in your own best interest, put yourself first, have constructive desires and have a healthly concept of your own self worth.

    Religious teachings and beliefs handed down to us say that we must be selfless, get rid of the ego, let go of desire and put others first. By trying to act upon these religious beliefs in our daily lives, we setup a major ethical and psychological conflict. Because all of these principles act against the natural nature of man. Therefore the famous, anguished quote by Paul paraphrased, "That which I would do, I do not. And that which I would not do, I do." Continued below in my next post....
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    continued from my above post.....This explains many of the mysteries of the Old Testament when a tribe favored by God would conquer another tribe, kill the men, women and children and take all of their goods...cattle, sheep, etc. There was no concept of justice, compassion, or wrong-doing on their part. When we read these stories today, we cannot reconcile that kind of behavior with God's condolence. In the light of the bicameral mind, however, these actions become clear. There is no blame.

    The Bicameral man felt emotions strongly, just as we see in nature when a mother lion fiercely protects her young.

    A major factor in becoming conscious and understanding Jesus' ministry is introspection...not just feeling emotions as all animals do and reacting automatically to those emotions but understanding emotions. Without
    understanding' emotions no concept of justice or compassion could emerge. The interaction of the feeling right hemisphere with the rational, objective left hemisphere allows consciousness to emerge.

    Just what is consciousness. One chief factor is the ability to be objective, to put aside your emotions, and weigh a situation honestly...a feature bicameral man could not do. With this ability to be objective a man can think in terms of the past and the future, not just in the present, in the here and now, as the right hemisphere does. With that ability a man can think in terms of changing his behavior...Jesus' emphasis on forgiveness and compassion.

    The world we live in is a reflection of who we are inwardly as individuals. Our businesses, our schools, our governments are all run by individuals and the laws and traditions that we believe in or allow to exist determine our outer conditions. It is only as we understand ourselves, what is good for us and what is bad for us, that we can we put forth the right actions for a good life. And we also extend that same privilege to others. Continues in my next post below.....
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    In order to understand the New Testament and Jesus' message one must first know the distinction between the conscious mind and the bicameral mind. With that knowledge Jesus' message becomes clear.

    This new way of thinking involves an understanding of the right hemisphere of the brain verses the left hemisphere. Bicameral man used both sides but in a different way then we do today. The right hemisphere is our survival mechanism...automatic reactions to sights, sounds and emotions. Faced with dangerous situations one must react quickly and automatically...totally immersed in the here and now. Also for survival skills one must be able to recognize the overall picture, to grasp the larger perspective. This function can be seen as necessary for survival in early man when out hunting and being able to find his way home...and is responsible for some of our most creative insights. It's the function of putting all the pieces together in an overall larger picture.

    However our right hemisphere has a major flaw as far as consciousness is concerned. And, that is, it has no judgmental ability. Bicameral man lived by his natural, highly intelligent animal mind. And the animal mind has no concept of justice, fairness, or compassion. Therefore bicameral man lived by social
    codes of conduct' necessary for people to live harmoniously in a society. Moses' Ten Commandments is an example of a
    code of conduct' given by an authority figure for the Hebrew nation to follow. Notice that all ten commands relate to objective behavior...there is no inner reason given as to why these commands are necessary. Even though to us it is self evident why these commands are valid, it was not until the later prophets and especially with Jesus that the inner reasons for this behavior were known.

    The Bicameral man lacked introspection and could not know for himself what was moral or immoral. Continued in another post...........
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    There's nothing wrong with religion (I'm not talking about the wishy washy minble wimble and vague moniker of "spirituality" but actual established and organized religions). I find that sometimes people reject religion because they feel it will restrict them from pleasures (especially sexual activity) but this is a problem where they throw out the baby with the bathwater and don't try to see how religion can be very beneficial. People also like to stereotype religion with labels such as "fundie", "Bible thumpers", "fanatics/zealots" and so on. It's really just plain bigotry and probably a fear of religion on their part.

    Religion is very fulfilling and can bring so much peace.
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    if spirtual, do you mean religious? it's religion but realtionship that matters.
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    yes, what did you have in mind? :)