More common than you think Younger Women/Older Men

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    Hi - I think its more common than you think for a younger female to like much older men.  I think people keep it in because its taboo a bit.  I have my own reasons for seeking someone with more maturity but each woman has their own reasons.  Feel free to reach out for friendship.


    Be well, all!


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    Yes, because some women have bad experiences with guys their own age an think a n older gentleman might treat them better. I know that i sure would.


    The fact that the locals are too young for me, adnthe older crowd the silver foxes pain ingnore me. I must be hideus or some thing but German and Dutch and South african women adore me.


    I just live in the wrong country, where facebook absorbed prudes tend to be the majority, an rule out those old fashioned gals that just want to live a good life with a super decent man.  I think if you look up Lanie will see what I'm talking about.

    I'd prefer a brunette but these Boermeisies are the hottest!I'd even take their divorced mother. I'm just not willing to move there.

    I'm not advertising,,just know that if I moved to Cape Town,I'd be on a few websites.



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    yes,taylor you're right, i have read many stats about the topic as also the number of partners ,and all the numbers are converging but many people are quite fucking psycho-rigid and judgmental,the same who gave lessons of morality and who are for the worse tranformation of our modern western world with our values and ethics

    yes age-hypergamy is not uncommon and indeed quite completely natural,i wish you to find the right one


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    Ive had girls as young as 13 flirt with me before as messed up as that sounds. But I find younger girls may be attracted to me, but are confused by their own feelings about that so it gets awkward for them and me. I'm just looking for someone to treat me like I deserve, and if that ends up being a 18 year old when I've given as old as a 55 year old woman a chance and flaked on me, then so be it!

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    To a girl, her father is her first love.  From birth on he's been the one there to love, care & look after her the most.  He's lived & learned, matured, & has experience with one to more women.  Not meaning a casanova but those who've felt the same back.  That's why younger go for older.  I'm old school & real eager but I believe in even a one time thing letting the fire build up by conversation, dinner, a movie, to coming back together at either's home & having a drink while sitting close.  You know how the rest goes.
    I'm thinking about hanging out in the strip clubs again. Lol.


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    I agree!

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    Still, not common enough though ;)