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    I met her in a Tim Hortons coffee shop back in February. We had a great time chatting. We kept in touch over several months with texting, meet ups over coffee and the odd dinner date. It was nice having her company at some of Toronto, Canada's summer festivals. We had a great time, and I was content with the friendship, and the relationship we had.


    About 3 weeks ago, she asked me out to dinner and things changed with that first kiss! (I'm so weak!!) We spend more time together, we're on the phone chatting late at night and she refers to me as her BF. Yes, we've been intimate a few times and let me tell ya, nothing is more flattering to an old man.


    I'm very easy-going. I give her all the space she wants. I'm careful not to preach or control her. I never bring up the age issue unless she wants to talk about it. I enjoy mentoring and I constantly remind myself that there's a more compatable, younger guy around the corner more suitable for her. 


    Anyway, I'd like to hear some opinions or comments from (men and women) who've been in, or are in a similar relationship. I've got a thick skin so, don't hold back - have your say.  ;)

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    I'm 69 and still interested in beautiful young women.  What do you think about someone my age, say a college age girl.  I'm not interested in really young girls.  I really can't relate.  Wouldn't mind someone as old as 50 if they are still in shape or just a little curvy.  I'm very fit (for my age).   Cheers from NY USA

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    When I was 50 I was contacted on line by a very beautiful girl that asked me out.After she gave me her phone number three times I called her, we met,got along very good.She was 27 yrs old at the time and we had a nine year relationship,that ended last october.She is 5" 11" and I am 5' 8" ,we both got along well with family and friends.Nice relationship that had run its course.



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    Thread is a little old, but; I was 47 and she was 23. We dated for about 3 months, but for us it was more for the sex. Things got boring for me so I cut it off. We are still friends and we still hook up every once and a while but no 'relationship'. I got to say, we went out on a few dates in public, dinner, comdy shows, movies, etc. and we got a lot of strange looks. If you truly have thick skin then you should be all set. 


    My suggestion stop thinking about the future (or the lack there of) with her. Don't think about the younger guy around the corner. You have no way of controling what does and / or doesn't happen. This experence needs to be lived in the moment. 

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