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    I do like older men very much but i have been treated badly by a few and now my trust and faith in older men is starting to go. I'm a girl of 24 from London looking for an older man to treat me well. The bad experiences i have had are people promising that your 'the one' that they will do anything you ask of them and that they are really interested but then turn out to be the opposite so that kind of thing is worse than someone just saying it isn't working and if they just said we aren't connecting rather than dragging things out and making out they are gonna treat you well. I have found from another site i was on that these older men want sex and that's it but they make out they want a long term thing. I don't understand it? They think younger women are easy but apart from that i would like an older man someone who treated me good and respected me fully. 

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    Don't delude yourself in terms of age; you could be mistreated just as well by a young man. Before going all in you have set standards for yourself. You are going to get battles scars, your standards minimize them.

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    Hi Angela.

    I'm sorry that you live so far away. I know that I am a man that would treat you like you deserve. Yes sex is important but respect is more so. Honesty is at the top of my list. If you ever come to the US please don't hesitate to contact me and let me show you what it would be like to treated like royalty. You can send me a me amessage if you like.

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