HELP..I'm an inch away from giving up! Younger Men/Older Women

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    Anirose if you don't mind me saying you are a very beautiful woman. With that being said you have to really read what you have wrote. It seems to me that you are either insecure with the possibility of dating a younger man or you are just looking for someone perfect in which case nobody is. Give some younger man a chance or even better give your self a chance. You've mention good things and bad things and yet none of them are for you. You have to take the bad with the good.
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    Well Ms. Anirose, perhaps if you lessened the number of possibilities you would find a lad who will be your equal botrh intellectually and sensually, but perhaps thinks you only want to play with such a wide age range. Just a thought??

    As you realize also I am sure, that a strong, intelligent, powerful, sensual, playful lady does scare the heck out of most ment young or old, and while intrigued I am, many would be scred off, but that is a bonus, for why would you seek a mundane man who wishes are to please himself and his little head while his big one languishes due to lack of stimuli, and have no understanding of intrigue or where the passenger seat is.

    Cheers, and enjoy constellations, awesome performances nightly.
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    I too have read the quote from Ben Franklin. I heard Paul Harvey MANY MANY years ago talk about it. I think I was in High School even. I have found it many times, read it and have saved it on my other computer. But here is a link to one of the articles with writings about the opinons Ben Franklin had. Enjoy the read.

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    I was wondering the same thing about the women. Maybe it is my profile or my pic, perhaps I have misrepresented myself but what ever I don't see the "taboo" being broken. Older women should want to go out with younger man, and if I could find the quote by be franklin praising the older woman I would quote him. I think that most young men are so afraid to approach an older woman because they are used to older women fearing the taboo. It's as if the woman has to make the first move, or at the very least drop a handkerchief at our feet. I wish and have done so since I first took a fancy to the female of the species.

    What am I missing?
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    Its obvious that you are an intellegent and sensual women. It's perfectly OK to be very selective. You're doing the right thing by searching on line, thus experiencing the greatest amount of potential partners. Because I'm sure you know the odds of finding Mr Right is slim. However that shouldn't preclude you from enjoying dating and the search. Sometime our dreams are fulfilled when we least except it and times of little effort! Dan

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    I am truly sorry about with your dissatisfaction with the men here. I am a poet, painter and actor living in nyc that is seeking intelligent conversation and witty repartee. If this interests you please respond in kind. Take care and all the best.
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    Please don't. From another woman (and not a gay one, incidentally), you are absolutely beautiful. A man will appear that is worthy. :-)

    Don't deprive that man the opportunity to be with you.
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    Well! I've given this my best shot..where the blank ARE you?? I've chatted to and been contacted by men who's vocab is limited to 'sexy'. Men who just want to do the 'discreet' who are an ocean away, married men, crude men, men too silly, men too serious,conceited men, insecure men, yet...also many nice sincere men, but alas! just not for this is my last ditch effort at all this! PRESENT YOURSELF SIR! ;)
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    anirose don't give up. There are many men in the Toronto area who love older women and are looking for a long term relationship.
    I have looked at your profile and find you VERY interesting and would be more than happy to have you on my arm while going out for an evening.
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    hi there! i don't know if you think the gap is too big here, but i'd like to get to know you better if you're interested.
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    There are some that still believe that the main goal is to serve their woman. An ocean away but love can cross any body. We are out there.

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    Oh anirose, don't despair, there's someone out there for you, I guaruntee it!

    I can see from your photos that you're a lovely woman and from your posts that you've got a good head on your shoulders.

    I don't know if my profile properly expresses who I am, so I'd like to say so right here: I'm 26 years old and after four years of working for a living I've decided to go back to school to try to make a difference in the world. I've been involved with the art scene, and the music scene but everyone seems just too superficial.

    you seem like a woman with depth, and breadth, and I would love to spend an afternoon discussing our worlds (inner and outer). I bet we could really connect, and probably have some fun too.