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    A'm i the only guy on here that wiman ask for money?she  from the UK.Anyway after two days of chit chat,Says i will come to you if i help pay her way,so i said how? well she said i will get a flight and she will pay half and i should put mine on my CCard and send it.YEAH RIGHT,so i said noooo lets do it this way,i will book a flight you send me some money.or i can pay my own way to you no strings, if you really want to do this.i got one long letter of crap, what a wast of time.I have not heard from her.WHY NOT?LOL.

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    Bakerman, There are Rascels everywhere, Maybe you could be a little more Romantic in your aproach, then you might not attract the ones just after money.

    shes right lol!
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    uh.....she does have a point jag
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    go to
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    litenbrite I think 'liked' is the right word.That was during the short period of time when all of the girls of around my own age and the younger girls than me were 'too' young lol and unfortunately I'd have been too young at the time as well even if by some chance I could have met her.Yet another catch 22.But if by some chance I had have been around the same age or a bit older than her and did manage to meet her at the time she probably would have been married to me long before 1973 or if I'd have been around the same age or a bit older than Jenny Hanley and met her she would have been married to me long before's IF they'd have 'liked' me as much as I liked them of course.Life's all about fate.If the Titanic had'nt been in the wrong place at the wrong time she would have made it across the Atlantic.But definitely I've always wished that I could have been older in the 1960's and Dianna Rigg is one of those typical girls of her time.

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    Jag, I have tried, so lets change the subject and think of something funny, or at least pleasant to talk about. How about Diana Rigg, You like her don't you?.
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    litenbrite When I was in Key Largo it was just part of a big tour I was doing at the time by car all over the Eastern States I covered from NY to Key West and then Toronto in Canada so I had lots of time to interact with the local populations all over.It was in June/July so it was in the low season in Florida and the place was mostly occupied by locals not so much tourists.But in my experience I've always found all of the States to be very similar to here on the numbers issue of single,young eligible women and at that time I was around 29 and I'd also done a similar type of trip in the Western States a few years before that so my chances 'would should' probably have been a lot better than they would be now.When it comes to a better numbers situation for those type of women I've always found that Italy is best but I've long since given up on the old idea that it's all a matter of meeting enough girls to be able to increase the odds of finding Miss Right who wants me as much as I want her.It does'nt work like that in real life because there are so many unpredictable different types of parameters and criterea which girls go by in making their choices and the fact is an Italian bloke had much more of a chance in pulling any of the (very) few single English girls there when I was on holiday than I ever had of pulling one of the many more Italian ones.Yet another type of irony and catch 22 ranking with losing out to middle aged blokes with teenaged girls when I was much younger but now that I'm older it's looked at as a social taboo for me to try to do the same thing now.That's even if I could find a younger girl who has'nt been brainwashed into thinking that all blokes are finished after our 30's and/or one who does'nt prefer to give a divorcee more than one chance in life than to give me just one.What I've seen of life there's the blokes,often already married,who can walk into a party and have the few single women there all wanting to chat and dance with them.Then there's other blokes like me who,for whatever reason,those same women would just avoid.For the former types of blokes more available women would probably allow them to have even more while for the latter it does'nt make much difference although it helps to get invited to a party where there's at least enough single women instead of the usual not enough where there's often more than one bloke hanging round each girl trying their luck,or even worse no single available women at all.It's not really always as simple as just a numbers game though and as I've said it is more than likely that some,if not all,of the single blokes at the party will go home empty handed while some of the married/seperated/divorced ones often find at least one,or more,of the few single girls there who'll let those blokes cheat on their wife with them or give them another chance in life which just seems to reflect what I've seen of life in general and so many of those young single girls profiles on online dating sites.

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    Bakerman, There are Rascels everywhere, Maybe you could be a little more Romantic in your aproach, then you might not attract the ones just after money.
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    Well Jag, Just a thought, if you were at your hotel who would you meet with there?....other tourists not the local people. I think Ft Laurderdale would be a good place to go, there seems to be a shortage of eligable men there as far as I can see, alot of nice looking women too. Maybe you should try that next time. Key Largo is very nice and layed back. But people like coming here to Fish and Dive and of course Relax. and the local people here are super nice and friendly. I visit Ft Laurderdale quite alot as I have friends there.
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    Thanks litenbrite I'll just have to wait and see what fate decides.There's quite a few women who I've seen who are much younger than you and who sometimes fit that description of old bags but it would'nt matter how bad your spelling is you ain't one of em as the yanks would say.Anyway 10 girls to every bloke sounds good to me but that just shows how bad my luck is.The last time I was on holiday there I saw just the one for me sitting by a swimming pool at a hotel in Key Largo.You've guessed it she was spoken for and there certainly were'nt  19 others (or even 1) like her sitting with her who were'nt for me to choose from.

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    Thank you Jag, Yes I always put the u in humour...then take it out as humor is the way they spell it here. With the different spelling then Texting I get confused [must be because Im an old bag!] when I first was here it was hard to understand all the abreviations. My son who is a teacher in England sent me a book once on "How to improve your spelling" as a joke. I visit at least once a year. I originaly came from London, then lived in Brighton. I still have an extremly English accent. Thank you for the compliment, that was kind, I will never accept age as an excuse to let yourself go.
    I hope you have success in your quest to find a younger women, but I think the best way to find what you are looking for is to try and let at least some of the hurt in your past go and start fresh. Because when one idea hasn't worked, changing it and starting a new strategy is the best way, but I am not saying give up your dream, just the way you are pursuing it. Best wishes. PS Here in South Florida there are 10 women to every one man.
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    litenbrite like I said I had absolutely no intention of causing any woman who's had to go through that issue to feel bad.However from this side of the fence it's just as hurtful when you're continuously fed the pc idea that having been left on the shelf in those important early years by girls who obviously decided that I was'nt good enough for them I'm now often expected to pick up the wreckage of their failed marriages when it turns out that Mr Right at the time turns out to have been Mr Wrong further down the line when those women are too old for me to (a) find them as attractive as both Mr Right did and I did when they were younger and (b) have a family like Mr Right was lucky enough to have with them when the marriage was in it's early honeymoon period.It also hurts even more when I see those Mr Wrongs getting second and third chances in life with young single girls having dumped their ex wives while those young single girls still leave single blokes like me on the shelf.On the subject of women ageing faster than men I meant that in the context of women of ALL ages from their teens onward not just mature women.The new pc idea of same age relationships is therefore likely to increase the proplem of failed marriages in the future when those girls in their teens now find themselves in their 30's/40's etc with husbands still wanting a girl in her teens or 20's.As for yourself I'm not surprised to read that you're actually from here because just as you say you look just great and you're an English rose at any age but you've been there long enough to have forgot to put that u in humour and in general many of the North American girls usually look gorgeous enough to me so you're in good company there but as I've always said when the English girls are good they're something else and that's why so many of them have ended up over there over the years.But as for me I still reckon that life owes me an unpaid debt and I won't give up just yet just in case there is some justice in this world which seems unlikely from what I've seen of it so far.But it's obviously difficult for those in your position to understand the position of those of us in mine.   

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    Am sorry to hear of your being ask for money.Believe,me that is not new.It is a pity that some unethical persons take advantage of our situation.I have never been scammed on this web-site.Have in the past.Do not send no one money.As for Litenbrire,s comments about Jag 6000,you should try to understand he is in a very frustrating situation.He wants children,is unable to find a woman of childbearing age,which is typical of guys our age.I guess you could say both me and him are in a permanent mid-life crisis.

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    litenbrite I was'nt insulting those older divorced women whatsoever.I'm actually insulting those lousy husbands who dumped them and/or who cheat on their wives in a roundabout,humourous way which you seemed to have missed but the Americans don't always seem to get our sense of humour.Don't forget that when those older wives get dumped for a younger model there's often also a young bloke who loses out and gets hurt too as in my case as you know if you've read some of my other postings.Suggest you read up on the latest example concerning the Ronan Keating story.But yeah it's a cruel world but that's life.By the way I think that the 47 year old divorcee who dumped his wife for my 16 year old relative and after giving her two kids dumped her two years later for another 16 year old girl was going through something a lot more than a 'mid life crisis'.But if that's a 'crisis' I'd like to have one and I'd settle for just the one young girl like I should have had ever since I was young myself thanks which,in my case,definitely is'nt a mid life crisis.More like still hoping for the (probably non existent) chance to have a wife and family having lost out during my younger years when most blokes of my age were lucky enough to start theirs.More like a mid life disaster in my case not a crisis. 

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    Jag I am English, I have lived here for quite some time, all my family are in England. So yes I do understand the humor. I am definatly not an old used dumped wife. Life has many curves and changes and i have experienced some of those. after reading your post I realised that some women who's lives have been shattered by unfortunate circumstances would probably feel very bad, you are always so unkind when you discuss mature women. saying they age faster etc, You should be thanking all of those that prefer younger it leaves more younger girls for you.I have always looked after my appearence, and have always looked younger than my years. I have quite a few men pursuing me but my thing is chemistry...if I dont feel that then I don't bother.

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    Jag, You are so unkind with some of your comments on Divorced Women, its awful, No wonder the English girls go for American men. if thats your attitude, There is really no reason to insult us mature Divorced women, We have done nothing to you. We are only seeking some Happiness. I am not on this site because I cant get a man, I am here because I stand more chance of having the right Chemistry with someone that is like minded. Please don't be cruel, A lot of men go through midlife crisis between the ages of 35 and 55. they can't always help themselves. So the women suffer. It doesnt give you any right to insult us.

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    Hello there bakerman2009 (nice screen name by the way) I suppose you're neither the first, nor the last man some women will ask money from in this place, but I think that shouldn't disappoint you. I'm sure there most be a good deal of nice and honest women on this site. On the other hand you should be careful with the information you share with people, even with the photos you post (it would be nicer if you showed them a smile instead of a set of things, you know?) I hope my comment didn't offend you because I do wish you find what you're looking for .
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    Thanks Jag6000 Ponts well taken,i guess its all a game till you find the one,good luck too you.

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    bakerman 2009 We have'nt got any spare women here in the UK for ourselves so the chances of you being able to find a genuine one are probably the same as,or even less than,for us.Things are so bad here that I've had much more luck in finding some American girls to e mail on this site and others and I always say the same to them that I'll go over there at my expense to date them.However so far they've always stopped short of dating and it's supposedly always the distance thing or they change their minds about the age gap issue because of family pressures or whatever,especially one who spent around a month exchanging e mails on here before telling me that her family would'nt accept a 30 year age gap and she did'nt seem to want to argue with them about it.In addition to that the Americans often seem to play the immigration card by saying that British men looking for American girls are only in it for an easy way into the States but they're happy enough to take the few women we've got when it suits them.Maybe you've propably found a scammer instead of one of our almost non existent women lol.But having said that we've got plenty of old divorced dumped wives going spare so if it's one of those you're looking for you'd probably be in with a much better chance.