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    It seems that in my search of my preference in females that I have been faced with the most incredible obstacles! I am a single Black Male 46 yrs old, 6'4" 275lbs very muscular, great career and outlook yet I have only been taken seriously by the most insincere opportunists of my chosen group! Is this just a completely unreachable love quest? Can someone say what I may be doing wrong? I know being inn Las Vegas probably doesn't help but its where I'm at! I'm so open for advice or chat .
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    Helena read my profile and dkhuggs' like me he's also looking for a teenaged girl or one up to 35 but unlike him I'm not looking for something casual and I'd be happy with a teenaged wife or a wife up to 28 years old.If I was only looking for a teenaged wife that's the age range which I would have written because unlike many on here I always tell it like it is as you should know.Anyway if dkhuggs is not being negative,gross,disgusting, or racist in his outlook why is it that he won't give a black girl of his own age a chance??? because there's plenty of them looking for someone like him (and me),who've got plenty going for US,on numerous dating sites but I'm not looking for one of them but only I get called a racist by many people and I get called disgusting,gross and a pervert by women like velvet petals and you while he gets called positive with a lot going for him.Like I said the whole issue stinks of double standards and hypocricy.It ain't fun being middle aged,white,single,and looking for a white younger single wife at least if you're me and I'd call what I've experienced through life a LOT more than a few 'obstacles' being that I doubt that he's still waiting for his FIRST DATE or seen the teenaged girl of his own age who he wanted to marry prefer to marry a divorcee thirty years older than her instead who she'd been dating since before she was 18 and who as I can remember was congratulated for it not called a pervert,gross,and disgusting.So come on dkhuggs let's hear your side of the story because I might be wrong.
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    Hang in there my internet friend and do not listen tod negative comments.¿ You sound like you have alot going for you and after a time someone close to home will see that.¿¿¿ I did not get that you were like Jag and looking for a teeniebopper wife.¿ Go have funa nd ignore negative comments

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    No colour is not an issue whatsoever when it comes to the modern day taboos against OM/YW relationships.It's no different if we're white looking for white girls.But for some reason black people always seem to want to play the colour card when things don't go their way.So you think that you've faced the most incredible obstacles you should try the ones I've faced.I've seen teenage girls marry blokes of around 50 who've dumped their wives for them but I'm still single at that age and I'm still waiting for my FIRST DATE but,unlike those divorcees getting second and third chances in life,I get called a pervert for looking for a much younger girl to marry.Having said that,unlike you black blokes,I often also get called a racist for saying that I'm not interested in looking for a black girl.The whole issue stinks of hypocricy and double standards.By the way check out what velvet petals said to me in her reply to my comments concerning the non issue of so called under 18 girls on here under Richard 007's posting and the arguments which I've been having on the blogs such as The Paradox Of Our Age in which the OM/YW scene is being viewed as gross and disgusting by the older women who are looking for younger men.I'd say that proves that it's not an issue of colour it's one of age and hypocricy.But my question to you is the same as many have asked me.Why don't you want to look for a black girl?bearing in mind that no black people are supposed to be racist,like some of us white people are accused of being,me being one of them.
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