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    Don't let my age fool you.  I am told I look much younger and have the energy and outlook in life to prove it. Lol   Having a hard time meeting people near my age that feel the same way. I've alway seemed to attract younger men which is fine if they are on the same page. Professional, financially secure, and ready to be spontaneous. So much to share in this big ol' world. Must have a sense of humor too. Most men my age are none of the above. Not ready to sit in a recliner all night with a TV remote. (smile)
    Is there anybody out there that would like to chat?
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  • View author's info Posted on Dec 22, 2013 at 12:23 AM

    Hi sweet heart im james!! Will you look me over see if your interested

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    What page are you on?
    Younger men are establishing themseves, usually with younger women. They have no cash but lots of prospects.  I think a lot of women want a man at home who will fix things when needed, take care of stuff, sleep with them, then get up; and go to his own room with his Collie.  Me, I like to get up and bring my cat to my room who teaches me about the natural superiority of women.
    post a picture and you might get more interest.  Put the word S E X in the title. Guaranteed 5000 replys
    People need to read the menu on a box of chocolates.  That way, they won't be disappointed and put it back. What's in that delightful looking chocolate?  Looks are deceiving. Some young people are very wise. Also they may be very good looking and desirable. Some are klunkers. Just like older people.
    Life is like Rachmaninoff piano concerto.  It's beautiful and goes on for 30 minutes. It's so romantic and one is lulled into thinking it will never end. But it does end. I can't get enough of life and those who think this is the end are very ill advised. Once the body gets out of the way, things will get very interesting. Today we look young, tomorrow we look old.

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