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    im new here and in the process of trying to rid myself of a guy 20 yrs younger than me. he says he loves me..but his actions show me different. i've given him so many chances to do right..i tell him if he really loved me some of the things he considers "living his LIFE" wouldnt matter. so does it ever really work? is 21 just too young?
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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 03, 2009 at 09:34 AM

    i am so confused right now. i am/was seeing a guy 20 yrs younger than me.. he is off and on like a light swithch. At times hes telling me to stay one wants us togheter..then hes tellin me he doesnt want a girlfriend. His family all love me... however his mom apparently has been tellin him that there will always be problems in out age difference. the are only 11 yrs between her and her husband but she blames that for all her inability to "LIVE". I dont think i stand a chance. he still likes his mypsace insecure about that.. he swears he only has friends on there..but how can i size up to a young girl? I dont know what to do.. i have told him i will simply walk away and give him time to decide what he really wants.. i know iknow ..if he doesnt come back it wasnt meant to be.. but doesnt stop it from hurting none the less. He started a new job and i want so badly to see how its going, but dont think i should contact him??? help me ladies.. men... anyone...
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