Contribute to a documentary about age gap relationships ageless love

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    We are interested in talking to members for a new documentary about age gap relationships. All contact will be in strict confidence with no commitment to take part in filming later on.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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    Grace it's already been done.The doc was called cradle snatcher and proud.But I don't think it's likely that you'll be able to find many stories on here like some of the ones in that programme because the site seems to mainly consist of too many blokes looking for too few,if not non existent,young women.

    The whole issue is now seen by most parts of society as an unnacceptable perversion anyway,especially in the case of a much older bloke going for a much younger woman,which,ironically,was common when I was young myself so I lost out then but now that I'm older societal values have changed to the point where most girls will only consider a bloke of around their own age,if not younger than them although nothing seems to change in that married/seperated/divorced blokes often seem to have as much,if not more,chance of pulling single women than single blokes do for some reason.

    But the question is if you're only looking for people to help make a documentary why did you put up a profile relating to yourself anyway ?.

    But in my experience so far dating sites are an even worse waste of time,for trying to pull a potential wife,than any of the other types of meeting possibilities.