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    According to Indiana University there are supposedly high risks of health defects in the case of children born to older fathers.As a late middle aged man still hoping to find a young wife and to have a family I find the report offensive and based on bad science.The study seems to have been based on a limited view of a number of Swedish cases and then put out in the world's media as supposedly fact a bit like the garbage global warming theory.Personally knowing cases of over 45 fathers,including my own Grandfather,and numerous other cases where the age of the father has made no difference to the health of the children,I'd like to challenge this obviously biased and baseless so called 'study'.Which seems to me to be just another part of the establishment anti OM/YW age gap agenda,based on a selective study,in a country with a limited population but that's noted for having generally high levels of mental illness compared to other countries in Europe.Which in itself seems strange considering that the study would have been expected to have been carried out amongst the much higher population in the USA where the University is based.Therefore it seems like the study set out to justify a foregone conclusion as part of the anti OM/YW relationship agenda that seems to be originating from the USA.Maybe Indiana University would like to answer the challenge here. 

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    Yes.... It's crap. My youngest brother was born well after my dad was 50 and he's a genius and is extremely healthy and successful. I also know of several children born of older men and they're usually very smart and healthy.


    I think the whole subject is a joke.

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