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    litenbrite thinking of it simplistically younger blokes going for older women might leave more younger women for older blokes looking for younger women.But it does'nt work like that in the real world because the shortage of young women means that most blokes of all ages would need to be looking for older women to make the slightest difference.The fact is that the shortage is being recognised by younger blokes now to the point where most of them are snapping up their future wives for same age relationships early in their early teens now helped by the modern day laws which actually protect them from the exact opposite of what you're saying in that less older blokes can now go for much younger girls leaving more younger girls for young blokes looking for young girls.If only it could have been like that in my younger days.Although having said that you can bet that those young blokes of today will have those laws overturned when they get older themselves so that they can still carry on the with the typical dumping of their older wives for a much younger model idea,which is what sunk me as a teenager,and which still seems to be the only older man younger woman type of relationship in town.

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    I sometimes think that they just don't check out the profile requests at all. I have the age range between 47 and 59, I have had emails from people of 27 to 72. And I think they put the vast age range because they don't know what they want and they are just wanting a reply from someone. Young girls will not always admit that they like much older men and very often do the dating site things with their friends, so for them 2 years is an age gap...remember they are only 18 and are still not sure of anything yet. Forgive them for being nieve, and get in touch anyway, you look very attractive so I am sure you will get responses.
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    If you think of it logicaly, Younger men that go for Older woman are a very good thing for the Older man that would like a younger Woman. There must be more younger Women available.
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    dionysios There is'nt really much difference between a woman in her 30's or her 50's as women age so much faster than men.The fact is that a 30 year + age gap is no problem and from my point of view (still looking for a wife to have a family of my own with having been left on the shelf from when I was young)there's no point in going to all the effort of searching for a younger woman in my 50's if you're not looking for a much bigger age gap than 20 years one of the reasons being that I don't agree with the modern trend for women to have children in their 30's and sometimes even 40's.The issue of relating to a person has absolutely nothing to do with age and it's one of those bs issues which the pc lot,(usually older women and/or possessive fathers etc)who are trying to stop large age gap relationships,use to justify their arguments.I can certainly still relate to a girl in her teens in just the same way as when I was a teenager myself just as the middle aged blokes back then who I saw pull those girls of my own age at the time did.I never heard any issues raised back then about those girls being able to relate to the blokes they married with 30 year + age gaps so why is it so much of an issue these days??.
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    Hi all.  Interesting topic.  I am 57 and did post for a lady between 35 and 55...a 20 year gap.  Possibly I am naive but my reasoning was this:  someone on the younger side...around 35...would be old enough to have weathered some storms, experienced some ups and downs and be able to relate, and/or also possibly benefit from an older person's experiences; on the other hand, chances of a lady on the older side being able to relate are higher and may be in the same situation as me (young enough and open to possibilities).   I love the topic.  And I'm open for feedback.  Thanks!

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    my ex wife was 13 years younger than me funnily enough we had no idea of our age difference untill my birthday came along and she asked me my age, the fact that we clicked was because we thought the same and we like similar things, we didnt notice an age gap between us, she was 21 and I was 34 when we met, my point is that its not actually someone of a certain age that I'm searching for its more to do with compatibility, to be honest most women (I'm not saying all)of my age prefer to sit around taking it easy most of the time where I prefer lots of activity and often energy sapping activities, I just want to meet someone with similar energy levels to what I've got, age is not an issue to me, can I say that in a nut shell I would love to meet a girl with the maturity of a woman my age and the stamina of a fit 25 year old

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    As usual looking at your profile you think that age is more important than wether a bloke is single.So just like most other girls of your age or younger you think that it is better to give a married,seperated,or divorced bloke a second or third chance in life after he has dumped someone else than give a single never married bloke one chance just based on some arbitrary age limits in your case.So exactly what is it that is so wrong about an age gap of more than 20 years with a girl of 20-25 or less than that age?.Considering that I lost out with a teenaged girl of my own age who I wanted when I was 16 and who then married someone of 48 when she was 18 who dumped his wife for her.I have also got a relative who married a divorcee of 47 when she was 16.He then dumped her 2 years later for another 16 year old girl.Those girls were all old enough to know exactly what they wanted as they all could have given me a chance instead of wrecking a home.Although they obviously  never had your age hang ups though.The fact is a girl has been around long enough to know what she wants at 16 or 18 which is why they can legally marry at those ages.But the morals issue seems to apply at all ages in that most girls would prefer to give a divorcee a second or third chance in life rather than give a single bloke one.

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    I do not agree. I came on this site not to find someone but to hear of other people's situations with age gaps. I'm currently seeing someone who is 14 years older than myself. In my family my brother (who did not get married until he was 36) married a girl who is ten years younger. I feel like a 10-15 year difference is not bad, twenty years can be pushing it unless the younger person is 21-25 because at that point we are all adults, and have been around long enough to really know what we want.
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    Ok, so am I the only one who is annoyed about this being an age gap relationship website and seeing guys profiles stating their age preferences as 18 to 60 and young womens as 18 to 19? Yes, I understand that by having a wide open range, it¿could just be that you're open minded to the possibility of someone being outside what our 'ideal' range is, but to me when I scroll through new users and see the guys who have basically "anyone with a pulse" age range, it reeks of desperation and I question the women who have some narrow 2 to 4 year variation on you know how to read? There are plenty of big name dating sites that will cater to vague preferences... I just thought on this site, I would see more people really spell out what's truly, openly and honestly what they would prefer. Would love to hear some thoughts

    Btw if any website should have an exceptionally active message board, this one should be it. I would love to get a dozen or so quality writers/thinkers men/women active on here to spice thing up. Tag, your it! ;) Dave


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