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    Hello, I have gained such a lot of insight on this having had 6 people that were Scammers, So I thought I would compile a list as to what they had in common.and before I start please don't let Scammers put you off, there are some very genuine people on here too. and if you suspect someone of Scamming get in touch with Age Match Support, they take action right away, of course you have to make sure that your suspicion is genuine. Here are the sighns that the male Scammers had in common.........They were all WIDOWERS, All had a CHILD,and that child was at Boarding School. All were CONTRACTERS that had to TRAVEL and were either at the moment in ANOTHER COUNTRY or just about to leave. They were all into a very serious RELATIONSHIP. They all gave off the idea of being well off Financialy. All of their other RELATIVES were dead or very old and sick. Most never mentioned SEX. and some have form letter which they e-mail to you. And they make mistakes in these Form letters like writing HIM instead of HER when it wasn't appropriate. They give you very odd phone numbers, which are often UK Cell phone numbers. All of these of course were Male Scammers, Now Maybe One of your Male members can put a list for FEMALE SCAMMERS. Never ever send them money. But dont forget to let SUPPORT KNOW, Age Match does not want these people polluting their dating site, but its hard for them to get rid of them without feedback to support. Hope all of this has been helpful to this dating community. Litenbrite
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    thank you for this useful message... scammers very romantic at first to catch your attention after they are asking you to come to their place and send them money to process your documents so that you can travel fast... they're unlucky with me because i'm not thoughtless as they think...
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    There seems to be a lot of fake scammer profiles on this site. Out of 10 profiles...I think only 2 or 3 were likely real.( at least the very very attractive girl profiles) In my case I was hit on by an unusual amount of girls from Gaunteng South Africa. Unless there is an unuasually huge amount of single girls from there something's fishy.  One girl, as an example,  that contacted me was LEE from there. First red flag was she said she was a colledge graduate with a dgree yet her grammer was poor and the way she wrote was just not the way westerner's would talk or say things. As if English was her second language. Another rd flag was after only two emails she wanted to meet right away! She never asked questions about me or where I live or anything a normal person would want to know before such a big step. About images: She sent me 5 images...Oh sure they looked good. But how do I know they are really her ...and not stolen off the internet. So I asked her if she would take a picture of herself while holding a piece of paper with my name on it. Well, she did! appeared to be photoshopped.  This was a mistake on my part. You should always ask for her to hold up a current newspaper with the headlines showing. Why? Todays photoshop is real good. Too easy to place a name on a piece of paper and put it in her hand. Example: The girl in the image might have been holding a flower, or a camera or something. With photoshop, she is now holding a piece of paper and the text can easily be placed on that. Comon guys, if a porn maker can paste the head of Jessica Simpson on a porn star's body having sex...putting a piece of paper in the hand of a girl in a photos is easy. Easy if they have a stolen picture that lends itself to that trickery. Most images will not  be easy to do that too so you will likely not hear from that fake girl again...or she'll make excuses why she won't.  This has just been my experience. Out of 10 profiles I looked at 2 were real! That sucks.

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    Shadow Man, I think its always good to be cautious but not overly sometimes, Its sometimes good to suggest Skype, at least then you know the person you have been emailing is and looks like who they say they are. and you might miss out if you dont try. I have met a few genuine people on here, but it has just felt right straight away. It can't really hurt to try it out, unless they start asking for gifts or money, Its really like meeting someone for the first time. You get to know them. before making commitments.
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    Some good pointers here. I have a question that maybe someone can answer; If a person who lives far away and in another country shows interest, does that necessarily mean they are a scammer. In the past, I've received messages (not here but at another site) from someone in a far away country like South Africa, Czechlovakia. They are almost always very attractive and their profiles and messages are very warm, overly sentimental expressing love and adoration etc. They sound very generic and impersonal.
    But recently, I've received a wink from a woman who lives in the U.S, and I am Canadian. She winked at me and I winked back and sent a message, to which she replied. Her response indicated that she actually DID read my email and she said she was sorry for the delay in replying. (It was only a few days) But that she was free for the weekend and looked forward to talking with me more. Also she is very good looking, which also makes me cautious.
    So if the fact that someone (in my case a woman) is from outside your country and highly attractive is that likely to indicate a possible scammer? I don't want to miss a good opportunity, but I want to be cautious.
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    Good post. The photo and profile bear no relationship to whom you are emailing, so beware! I would also like to add they are quite a long way away. Very persistant. Insist they are GOD fearing. Want to chat on Yahoo chat,send you drpping hearts. They say God has sent you to them. No recent photos. No proper phone No. The last one who emailed me said his wife, children and parents were killed when he was 12!! Often say  "It was nice to read from you" They are "lovely and honorable" Declare you're their true love after one email. Watch for these clues They're such a waste of time, and there are so many out there. Worse some people get taken in and send them money. Sometimes it's difficult to suss them out on a first email. However, after a while they're easier to spot. Good luck in findinding someone who is real, normal and fun. There are some nice people out there.

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    Now there is a website just for this.
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    I also have been scammed several times, or I should sy "attempted". I woul nover send anyone $ so that was the end of it. In fact, one scammer kept changing his photo and a few details in profile and continued to try to get me to interact. The good thing regarding this is that I learned how to trace email addresses, headers and IP addresses. One has to do their homework!

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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 25, 2010 at 04:44 AM

    litenbrite it's not just the obvious scammers,who've never actually bothered me because usually even their profiles are total bs and they would'nt be looking for a date anyway and the answer to an offer of one would always be the same lol and if they asked me for money I'd just tell them to 'go away' (not as politely as that lol) and bother someone else.It's the other time wasters with more genuine looking profiles who send back a wink suggesting that they're interested so I then pay up for the e mail service and usually get back one small reply and then nothing more.Or at best a long e mail conversation but always with some reason why they don't want to actually get involved with meeting for a date.Therefore the easiest way to sort out who is and is'nt genuine is the answer to that question of dating.If their profile says that they're looking for a date but they back out when someone asks them for one that's probably a scammer of one type or another.But on the issue of cell phone numbers most people use those all the time and that in itself is'nt proof of a scammer unless they then also follow that up with the typical turning down an actual date and/or ask for money.However it only seems to be the site itself that gains from the type who suggest that they're interested but when you've payed to e mail them they turn out not to be at all.

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