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    Does anyone have a comment , I am in my mid 50's I can still have fun with people my age , younger and older ... It seems that if we can be mature about this people are people , Men are Men and Women are Women and still have needs physical and mental... 



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    Quoting author:

    I totally agree with Julie!


    Society has come around to different religions, different races and same sex marriage, yet they still will not budge on age gap relationships. If two people are happy together then it shouldn't matter to anyone else!


    I wish more younger women felt like Julie900  and MelanieS !


    When I first married, it was to the first woman I ever dated who was younger than I -- years of dating had shown me that I preferred younger women; unfortunately, neither she nor I were mature enough at that time to really understood what love was, so we married based upon lust.  I was in the military -- frequently away from home, and when she let herself go -- lust was lost, and we eventually drifted apart.


    It took me a few years after our divorce to realize what love really is, who I am, what I really want in life, and to find someone who wants to share in everything I enjoy and love.   Together, we now seek someone who would like to get to know both of us and join us in our enjoyment of life and each other.

    Finding this site has given me the chance to find those who may be of a compatible mindset.


    I am just hoping that someone here will be as serious about what they seek as I am.






  • View author's info Posted on Jul 02, 2014 at 11:06 AM

    I think it can be accepted, but people will judge things about you based on it, like that it's about money instead of just preference or things like that. I struggle with even letting people close to me like my family know that it is my preference. I think you have to not be afraid of what other people will assume about you.

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 22, 2014 at 12:43 AM

    There are many opportunities to find your young amore in distant lands.  Unbelievably gorgeous south americans, beautiful and dutifull asians.


    And even Americans in your own backyard.  Just search PUA. Be strong!


    Your failure is of your own doing! 


    As Yoda said.." Do, or Do Not, There is No Try!"



  • View author's info Posted on Jan 03, 2014 at 04:26 PM

    To add to a previous post I left and share something, I see and feel how society reacts to OM and YW dating. Recently I was shopping and came across an attractive couple who were obviously loved up. He looked to be in his 50's and sexy and the girl looked about 20. I felt pleased for them and even got a smile from them. I guess they must have felt I knew where they were coming from with their relationship via experience. But some other people were looking at them like aliens. I was so angry. I'm proud and happy to date OM and hope to settle down and marry an OM soon. No one can tell me being myself or celebrating age gap love in a bad thing! No way! Society needs to move on and get with it x

  • View author's info Posted on Dec 02, 2013 at 01:56 PM

    Here is my take on Keeley345's tag , Your correct Keeley345. I think that society gets in he way... It's not just OM but Older Women as well that want some young Stud Muffin to give them a nice time here and again.

    As far as the Home Wrecker , That person can be young or old , Male or Female.

    Like you said we are adults and can make up our own minds about what is correct and what is not FOR OUR SELVES. I have found very few real possible mates in this whole AgeGap "Scene" as it's called.

    I think that if any of us are lucky enough to find that special mix it will be only because both sides see something real and special in that mix.

    So I will keep on looking , I am not in this for a the Sex or to show off an ARM CANDY TROPHy , I really want a woman albeit younger to spend time and my life with...


    Oh Well the beat and the search goes on for all of us Yes?



  • View author's info Posted on Nov 28, 2013 at 08:00 PM

    Quoting author:

    OM and YW have been falling in love with each other for years. It is perfectly natural for an OM and YW to get together. But society is judgemental. Believe I know, I've experienced it. I've dated OM for years and love it! Sexually and emotionally, I'm satisfied but people still don't approve of age gap dating. My opinion??? Scr*w them. We're adults and human beings capable of making up our own minds so too bad if society does not approve! So long as we're happy!

    Ironically and sadly for anyone who's looking for a decent,loving,monogamous age gap relationship, society sometimes gets it right,in seeing the age gap relationship scene for what it often unfortunately is in many cases,in the form of homewrecking single young women looking for married blokes.Homewrecking and/or young women looking for multiple hook ups,has nothing whatsoever to do with love and,like some other negative 'issues' which apply to it,is one of the unnacceptable faces of the OM/YW age gap scene.

    The sad part of all that being that society then brands all age gap relationships the same thereby reducing the chances of any type of large age gap OM/YW relationship getting off the ground.

  • View author's info Posted on Nov 26, 2013 at 02:46 PM

    OM and YW have been falling in love with each other for years. It is perfectly natural for an OM and YW to get together. But society is judgemental. Believe I know, I've experienced it. I've dated OM for years and love it! Sexually and emotionally, I'm satisfied but people still don't approve of age gap dating. My opinion??? Scr*w them. We're adults and human beings capable of making up our own minds so too bad if society does not approve! So long as we're happy!

  • View author's info Posted on Nov 23, 2013 at 08:05 PM

    I agree with u neva2L8, but some people in this site are scamers they use pretty lies...
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 31, 2013 at 11:17 AM

    I think that if we are here on this forum and we are seeking the same thing then at some point again assuming we are looking for the same thing ... We should find what we are looking for... Whatever that truly is...



  • View author's info Posted on Oct 28, 2013 at 11:19 AM

    grace 14344

    The topic is all about the way in which society is now setting the agenda in regards to what is and what isn't acceptable with OM/YW relationships in most cases being classed as unnacceptable and therefore in which case the idea of love is irrelevant.That's even if the right girls who are looking for a genuine OM/YW relationship existed which that agenda is making ever increasingly less likely.

  • View author's info Posted on Oct 19, 2013 at 09:15 AM

    I don't think it's a more 'sophisticated' time in terms of relationships.I'd say at worst it's more a type of animalistic behaviour such as casual physical relationships and the idea of monogamy and the sancity of marriage having gone out of the window in many cases.


    While at best it's a type of social engineering agenda,at least in relation to the age thing,being pushed by the governments and feminist cause using the media and education systems to shape public perceptions including amongst the young women concerned.As I've said some of which 'might',arguably,be justified in the case of stopping the situation of young blokes losing out in the case of young women of their own age going for older blokes.However that comes at a terrible,arguably unacceptable,price in the case of any older man who's missed out when he was young and who's still hoping for a chance to have a young wife who's young enough to have and raise a family with him.


    In view of all that it seems obvious that the idea of 'love' regardless of age isn't a realistic factor in shaping any young woman's attitudes and views.For example there's at leat one recent profile on here where a 20 year old woman 'says' that she's interested in an age gap relationship but then says that she won't give anyone over an arbitrary relatively close age ( 37 ) a chance to get to know her.The reason given given being that she thinks that any bloke over that age wouldn't be suitable father material to have children with her.No doubt she's reached that conclusion after years of being raised in a feminist orientated society and education system,which has told her ( wrongly ) that for any bloke over that age,it's too late both in terms of biology and being able to make a good father.


    While that same feminist cause also says it's good for women to leave having a family as late as possible and concentrate on their careers instead.Which really is an issue in relation to biology hence the reason for IVF and children losing their mothers to old age.Which is far worse than them losing a father at a relatively young age.Realistically now I don't think 'love' has a chance against all those different conflicting agendas ranged against it in the case of OM/YW relationships.With the state pushing the close age agenda to almost communist dictatorial levels in the very rare cases where young women rebel against it and put love first such as in those well publicised examples of Joe and Nicola Philpot and Clive and Jess Richards.IE the state and it's controlled media did everything in it's power to try to break those two couples up which had it been in the States would have succeeded under federal law.

  • View author's info Posted on Oct 14, 2013 at 08:27 AM

    Hey Jag , you'll have to pardon my spelling when it gets late and I'm tired my spelling seems to become poor at best some times. I think that at best as I have stated a few times before... People will be people... I think that Technology has allowed people to be a bit more willing to take risk.

    I do think that we've moved into more sophisticated areas of the human experience , as it relates to man & woman experience.

    Based on what I have been through with so called mature OW , I am ready to try and deal with the same thing in a YW. 


    People are people no matter how one tries to frame it... inexperience may be a way out but after a person does the same routine many times over it's no longer about no knowing what or how to do something , one just does it...



  • View author's info Posted on Oct 08, 2013 at 09:19 AM

    I think I can understand most of that although I'm British not from the US.You're right about all the societal changes which have taken place in general over those years.From experience concerning the type of scenario which you've described the irony of that situation as I've seen it is that I've personally known  families in which teenaged girls have married late middle aged men with 30 year + age gaps.


    However the fact is even those families,including the women in question,would now look on such age gap relationships as being socially unnacceptable,in the case of today's generation of young women with those new generations being raised with that social unnacceptance being part of their upbringing and 'education'.I don't think that social unnaccptance is any different across the Atlantic over there.In the type of hypothetical scenario which you've described I'd guess that would translate as the grandmother actually in reality telling the young girl at this time the idea of 'love' is less important than the issue of the age thing regardless of the hypocricy of that situation remembering her own history.IE young women of today would be warned and advised against getting involved in such a relationship by all concerned, even though those young women themselves might be the result of such a large age gap relationship going back in history even recent history.


    For any older man who grew up during those earlier times,when large age gap OM/YW relationships were more acceptable and lost out because of it with women of our own age at the time,while now being denied the same opportunity because of such massive societal changes in attitudes,I'd say that it's something that is almost impossible to come to terms with.



    As I've said I think that the mixed feelings,which I've got,in thinking that maybe it's all a good thing and the situation of young blokes losing out with young girls of their own/close age,to older men,had to stop somewhere,are maybe just a part of coming to terms with that societal change that unfortunately fate just happened to put in my lifetime.IE I think the thing that has often been forgotten,concerning age gap OM/YW relationships,is that in a world where young single women are in relative short supply,an older man's often second chance,or even late chance,in life often comes at the expense of a young bloke of the girl's own/close age losing his chance in life.It's equally obvious that such a situation then just pushes the problem further down the line in a never ending chain.Obviously society now seems to have reached the conclusion that it wants to stop that situation.Maybe rightly.

  • View author's info Posted on Oct 07, 2013 at 10:14 AM

    Hey jag6000 , Hope all is well ... My take on what you mentioned about the 1950's is one of the most profound statements and obersations I have seen / heard in a while.

    Here is why, clearly our Country is going through some kind of realignment some will be able to deal with it others will not. so with this in mind one must think as forwardly as possible after all we live in America , so we love , Baseball , Apple Pie and Mom... and of course the girl next door.

    Now in the 1950's the girl next door , "susie" was born in 1930's or so. Susie is now 20 years old. Now the guy next door is "John" who is now 50 and wants a younger woman who can bare children has the hots for "Susie".

    I'll leave the grungie details out but end of story they are married , Fast forward to 2013 , John has long past and Susie is a Grand'ma and hears a rumor about her grandaughter "Stella" having the hots for the guy next door "Jack" and when asked by other members of the family to explain to Stella why it's wrong Grand'ma Susie ask's the one question that some ask whats that have to do with it. "Do you love him" and all at once "Susie's" life with that Old man John , 30 her senior is justified.

    I guess what I am getting at is this, as a nation have we truly forgotten about love. Have we become so overcome by stuff or what will the "Jones'es say that we can't put our hearts out there and trust that the other person has a selfless love for their mate...

    I'm not sure if through all my ramble on this makes any since , but based on what I have heard and seen among some people True love matters not as much , and if this is truly the case then as a nation of people who are truly loving and caring I hope by nature. We Have Lost Our Way !!!!



  • View author's info Posted on Oct 02, 2013 at 08:22 PM

    Ironically I think the idea of large age gap relationships was probaby more societally acceptable even in the 1950's than today.In addition to that the values at that time were probably more all about serious relationships and having a family.As opposed to the situation now in which even in the rare event of finding a younger woman her ideas will be more along the lines of her career being the main priority and just looking for casual 'fun' as they usually seem to say.That's assuming they're not just scammers or timewasters.

    Your search criterea seems to be similar to my own in looking for a girl who wants something serious and to raise a family with someone who just happens to be ( a lot ) older than her.However as I said, although I'd like to think that love could conquer the modern day societal revulsion,against large age gap OM/YW relationships,experience so far tells me that the reality is that revulsion is now so well established that it can defeat any such relationship,before it even has a chance,to reach the stage,where a much younger girl could actually fall in love with an older man.IE the pressures which such a girl would face from her family and friends and the establishment would just be too much.While those same issues would also be applied by society to any older man who wanted to help her to try to overcome those pressures.

    As part of that I also think that the 18 threshold is actually just a red herring in that regard.In that all those societal taboos don't just suddenly disappear when a girl turns 18.You can bet that her family and friends would be just as against any such relationship after she turns that age than before that point and all those same pressures would still exist.As I've also said I've got mixed feelings about the justification for that situation.However notwithstanding that I'm still searching and hoping that I might find one of the very rare girls like Nicola Philpot or Jess Richards who did manage to make a large age gap OM/YW relationship and marriage work against all those modern day challenges and odds.I won't be allowing those hopes to reach very high though.




  • View author's info Posted on Sep 30, 2013 at 08:24 AM

    Hey Jag6000 well the one thing I can say is this . Love conqures all I hope. If the younger woman that seeks and older partner indeed wants this type of relationship is willing to deal with whatever comes with the relationship mainly other people that are still living in the 1950' ohh wait 1930's "LoL" when it comes to a Older Woman with a younger man or the reverse for Men. 

    Love is the defining factor here if the people involved are looking for love then I would hope this is the true goal in any relationship that is serious  , they will do fine love does strange things to people.

    I have openly stated on my profile that I want another child, this will limit my views I am sure but I am looking for a younger serious woman in my life . knowing that I want a child should make truly mature and serious women come my way , I hope ... 


    Best Regards



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    It's no good looking at the subject from the point of view of being a middle/late middle aged man.You have to see it from the point of view of a potential young partner.Who's views will have been shaped over the years from an early age by a society,in which realistically the accepted late 20th century forward norms,of same age,or possibly even OW/YM,relationships being acceptable, will have been her only reference points.


     Ironically much of that situation is the result of US societal attitudes which are being adopted throughout the western world on an ever increasing basis.Having been involved with searching for a younger woman,on the OM/YW scene,and having lost out when I was young to the far more acceptable OM/YW scene of the 1970's,I've got mixed feelings as to wether those recent societal taboos are a good thing or not.Especially considering that there's probably more chance now of winning the lottery than of finding a young woman who's genuinely looking for a serious relationship with a much older man and who'd be willing to face up to the type of societal revulsion which such a relationship would create.


     Even more ironically I feel that I was robbed of the chance of being able to find a wife when I was young back then,by the OM/YW age gap scene of the time,while also now being robbed of that chance,in my later years,by the,possibly justified,recent societal backlash against that scene.Unfortunately for me that societal backlash came too late.Probably contributed to by the inconvenient issue for the establishment here at the time in wanting to fix up a pushing middle age member of the Royal family with a teenaged girl.

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