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    I for one like younger men because they have not become complacent in their lives. They steal moments of pleasure when most men my age or older find boredoms place is in a recliner watching the tele, snoozing or hanging out with the guys.

    I think women my age have the most concerns about our bodies and how they compare to the younger women. It is a no brainer that younger women have tight bodies, if they haven't had children, even tighter. We women, who were not of the mind to exercise, having more to fear when a man sees us without our clothes on. I am not speaking for all women because I know women my age who have always kept their bodies in excellent condition and kudos to them but for those of us who did not tackle the weight room on a daily basis feel differently. We are not hard and straight as a board, we are soft and we have hips that curve outward from our waist and our breast massacre the northern compass. We also have stretch marks and wrinkles and blah blah blah. A man our age has come to expect our bodies to look aged but a younger man? Yes, the fear is great.

    Eventually, I might lift and tuck but for now I hoping to find someone younger than myself who can appreciate my sense of being and doesn't mind that the lights are gonna have to go out when we are intimate until I am comfortable enough with him to turn them on. What I was wondering is how a guy feels about that?
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    What a brilliant definition to the word cougar. My thought is find someone (younger, older or same age) whom you dont have to turn the lights off to. I myself know that most women aren't perfect, especially after child birth... It's all in how you connect. I'm not bad looking but somewhat overweight. I just joined so my pic isn't approved yet. You just have to find someone who clicks with you. JMHO
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    I say amen to all of that sister. :)

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  • View author's info Posted on Dec 30, 2009 at 07:08 PM

    What an excellent post. Don't worry real men like curves, we feel so much better to them under the sheets, and if they prefer lean muscular bodies why would they get to that stage with a mature women anyway?....We are far more comforting, and there are far more ways to really excite a man than visual.
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    I am in my late 30's, and am having problems finding available men in my age group. I tend to get long more with the younger guys and vice versa. I am young in spirit and these days I even go to school, eat PB&J and have braces! I dont have any physical concerns for a relationship like this, and have no doubt that it could work real well for me and the guy who takes the time to see my internal beauty as well as any external.
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    Don't worry about a younger man not liking your body. Your soft body, natural curves, wrinkles and other effects of gravity and time are what make women your age so attractive to men like me.
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    u seem nice
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    What I love about older women is the gentle curves, the soft skin. The content of their personality, how they know what they want to say and know how to say it. Girls my age or around it don't really know what the hell they want. I was seeing this lady who was around 50 and I could honestly say that she was one of the most gorgeous women I've ever been with. More importantly though is how much she loved being with me. She told me that I showed her the best time she had ever had in the bedroom. I told myself that she was just saying that, but what if it were true. What if I was her best lover? For her to say something so appreciative and sexy as that simply blew my socks off. Apparently it did a number on her as well. All I'm saying is that she was the most understanding, caring, and sensuous lover I've ever been with.
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    Sorry but U really look like fay Dunaway (I'm showing my age again).

    Younger men are more laid back than older men lifes too short to keep wondering - if you like the flavour of a younger man why not take a taste test you might like it.

    B sure of yourself though because other people will always have an opinion (yuk it nasty its not right etc....)
    Enjoy :-)
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    Don't be so worried about how you look. I've always found that if a woman feels insecure around her man, then her man is not the right man for her.

    As a guy in his 20's, I love nothing more than a natural, older woman who has nothing to hide. I love the curves and character of an older woman's body. Tight and toned is not for me.

    Not all younger guys are looking for a older woman who looks and acts younger. Remember, we're attracted to older women for a reason ;)
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 26, 2007 at 03:53 PM

    I read all of these comments with growing fascination. What bothers me here is, if you feel 'older' in your 40's, how are you going to feel in your 60's? Me, i just realized I'm 'old'. My maturity, is in question, but that's another story. I looked in the mirror and really wondered who this elderly woman was. Oddly, I don't feel all that old. Yes, on the outside, I'm more saggy and baggy than I was, yet, compared with what I see in others, for my age, I'm in extremely good shape. Never once had so much as a facial, and i don't wear makeup.

    However, I do not recommend nips and tucks. Living in the land of plastics, Southern California, all of my life, having known rich and famous, I've seen what the knife does. Sure, it looks ok, but not really good. It feels awful to the touch. If you make a living by how good you look, fine spend the money. If you want to please your mate, don't do it this way. He might show you off but he'll yearn and sigh for what felt so good before.

    No, age is not 'just a number'. Age is a magic that happens for us all. Smarts and wisdom are spells that only years hand on to us. Using them, our appearance becomes an advantage. Not to worry, it comes to all of us. Not to fear, if you're thinking about it now, you'll truly be at your best later. It may not be the 'best' but I assure you all, it's damned good!
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    Confidence and Maturity are clinchers for many younger men whom are attracted to an older woman. Unless your dipping down into the teens most guys understand that things change with time. I;m twenty nine still pyhsically active and noticing physical deficiencies that I were not present just five years ago. What one sees as flaws maybe so very attractive to another. YOu may say how can anyone see my big butt and uh all encompassing northern hemisphere and be attracted...but there are and just beacuse you may not aind yourself attractive doesnt mean that eight out of ten guys in the room don't find you appealing..just a thought and a lot truth for ya...good luck not that you need it
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    I for one am more comfortable in my body now that I am 40 than I ever was in my 20's and 30's.
    When I was younger I was way more self consious of how I looked and I was much thinner then.
    It has to come from the inside, I like who I am, I am happy being me and I feel way more sexy now than I ever did when I was younger.
    Sexy is a state of mind not body.
    I have known a lot of beautiful people.......until they opened thier mouths... and some not so beautiful people who are gorgeous because of who they are.
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 10, 2007 at 05:43 PM

    Hi Princess you very amazing girl.I need you.
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 07, 2006 at 02:36 AM

    Well what can I say to that but well known frase "Wish I was closer" :(
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 08, 2006 at 02:57 PM

    ur 1 yummy guy irish. shame ur not nearer to me. lizzied
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    I love the freedom being older gives me. As someone said -- I've lived in my body -- an athlete in school, a mother, walked, hiked, worked in the yard, worked, and gone swimming my whole life. I still love to dance. But I'm not "Barbie". I'm not 30 so why should I be expected to look like someone who is?

    Sure, if I won a huge lottery prize I'd go for a "Swan" type make over. But if that never happens I'll be happy with who I am.

    I've met a number of men both younger and older who have no problem with the way I look. So why should I?
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    Hi All
    i to have dated younger guys, my youngest being 17. It started out at jst freinds but did then develop.
    He said he loved the more mature woman for the natural curves and more developed body, and better converstaion and less inhabitions we have. I have had three kids so my boobs and body arent the best, but he said to me after one night, that i was the most energetic and enjoyable female he had been with. And he had only had three before me. Sex was superb and he would take thsoe on the spur moments to arouse and kiss me where older guys dont. I still pander fr a young guy, and feeling a young man in me and around me was so nice and erotic, hope to relive those times again with someone new. He moved away after three months due to work after university

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 26, 2006 at 10:56 AM

    I feel the same! Plus, most of us OW don't have the bank account to pay for all kinds of surgery. I wear long pants a lot! I'm waiting for a law suit from Rand-McNally!!! And can I sue Mother Nature for non-support
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