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    I joined this site because I really want to meet someone special. I don't do the bar scene and have been out of the dating loop for a long time. The last 15 years I have devoted to raising my children and advancing my career. I have also devoted a lot of time to spiritual pursuits. I would like to hear back from anyone who has met a real live person from this site. Frankly I am a bit frustrated and puzzled. I am an attractive, intelligent woman. Doesn't anyone believe in taking a chance to see what they may be missing?
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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 27, 2005 at 02:40 PM

    You're not alone in saying things like this. I can only conclude that it is getting more difficult to meet the right person. Think of all that we single folk have to contend with -

    1. Married people who don't act married - very often I'll strike up a conversation with a lady, we'll be getting on just fine, and then the killer, "You really ought to meet my husband, you and he would be great friends." Exit, stage right.

    2. Greed - the last date I went out on "the typical way" (i.e., met someone not on the web), the lady in question was asking for a Dior watch about 15 minutes into it.

    3. Lunacy - I doubt anyone will challenge the thesis that insanity appears to be on the rise. Not just Norman Bates kind, but the kind that involves hearing bats in the attic when the clock reads 3 AM (yes, that happened).

    It says much however that people are so brave and willing to fight for and find romance. For me, it is worth wading through a sea of troubles to find. As for it being serious - I only want one and no other. I'd be satisfied with that! :)

    Best Regards, Ivan
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