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    I¡¦ve always been attracted to older women, both intellectually and physically, secretly admiring their confidence, life experience, fully developed sexy mature bodies and a sense of humor. I remember when my friends were going out with younger girls I was secretly dreaming about one of my neighbors. She wasn¡¦t pretty or something, most people would describe her as a normal looking woman in her late 40-ties, but to me she always seemed so attractive. Nice curvy shapes, full lips smiling very often and intelligent eyes hidden under her glasses. I couldn¡¦t believe that she lived on her own - such an attractive mature woman without any man beside her. I was secretly dreaming of kissing her and having an intimate relationship with her. Was ashamed of my thoughts but at the same time these thoughts of being close to her and experiencing every tiny part of her were giving me extreme satisfaction and pleasure. I¡¦m not typically a ¡§henpecked husband¡¨ type, but for her I felt like fulfilling every single wish just to make her pleased and happy, no matter how kinky or pervy it would seem. My apologies for being so direct and straightforward to anyone who feels offended by my words, just cannot describe it any better. It was a long time ago. I was thinking that such relationships don¡¦t exist and that people consider them immoral etc.

    I wasn¡¦t sure if it is normal that I feel attracted to mature women, felt a bit ashamed of that and didn¡¦t know what to do about that so I went to a doctor. She was both a sexologist and a psychologist which was kind of handy. She told me that there is nothing wrong with me, that it is not any kind of deviation or perversion. From a biological point of view, such relationship has strong sexual foundations. Younger men with naturally high testosterone levels versus mature women being at their sexual peak make their physical compatibility optimum and near perfect. In a balanced close and intimate relationship both parties can get much from it: a woman having a younger partner feels more attractive, desired, feels sexy and younger, a man gets an unbelievable satisfaction from a relationship: a passionate, cheerful and loving woman who also brings safety and trustworthiness into the relationship.

    I was pleased to hear that it is not any kind of deviation and there is nothing to be ashamed of. If I feel sexually attracted to a woman who is, say, 20 years older I won¡¦t be able to block it. You can¡¦t switch off your natural instinct. No point getting into relationship with somebody you¡¦re physically not attracted to. Why not try and look out for a nice mature woman who feels exactly the same way towards younger men. Why should I be on my own if there is some woman out there who I can be happy and have fun with. It is definitely worth trying. I have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

    I¡¦m glad I found this website so I can start my quest for my dream woman ƒº, but I would also appreciate a few tips on where to meet her. Are there any places where mature girls go out and can be picked up? And how do you spot the difference between her being really attracted to you and just being nice and kind? I¡¦m not into toyboy seekers or women looking for one night stands with ¡§a younger meat¡¨ (which is also quite popular, so I heard), but rather into finding a suitable candidate for a solid, long lasting and romantic intimate relationship.
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    Putting a picture in your profile on here would be a great start. I would also suggest putting more information in your profile about what you find interesting in a woman in addition to her being older. That way she will know if you might be compatible.
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