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    I'm open to anything whether its dating or just fun, comment or message me on here if its possible

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    Hi there.  ... You are super cute and I love your smile. I am coming to Florida in October for business and I can't think of anything more fun than meeting up with a beautiful young woman who's looking for fun.   I'm not your average guy who is on this kind of site.  Not a creepy pervy lech.   I'm 44 but told I look more like 35.  I keep in great shape and am a super sexually energized person who's greatest pleasure is pleasing the person I am with... 


    If you are serious about getting together for some fun... I'll give you the best of both worlds... Older experienced established man who can keep up with you sexually and fun wise ;-) 


    Hahaha... Maybe that did get a little pervy... But I am straight to the point about how I feel and what I want! 


    Let me know... You can always email me.



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