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    psychology of dating older men

    For younger women, dating older men can often lead to a rewarding, long-lasting relationships. Naturally, for older men dating younger women, the same can be said,

    Fortunately for both parties, there are no longer the same restrictive social attitudes to younger women dating older men as there used to be even, say, 7-8 years ago. The increasing availability of instant communications via the internet and various social media channels means that younger women can much more easily contact and approach older men for dating.

    But, with this improved accessibility, it’s more important than ever for younger women dating older men to understand the psychology of such older men. The better they do, the more chances there are of the relationship lasting a longer time.

    So, here are several helpful dating tips in order to help a relationship between younger women and older men move forward smoothly:

    #1 many younger women date older men who are already well established in their career and may be well be in a senior or powerful business position. For such women, they may well be required to attend company or business functions. It’s important to present well and display suitable maturity accordingly to the situation—this includes the way to dress, talk and behave generally

    #2 older men are, invariably, more experienced and mature in dealing with life’s challenges and foibles; as a consequence, younger women often tend to look to an older man for his advice and guidance, even protectiveness—something the older man probably enjoys giving

    #3 it’s unlikely that an older man will want to be spending as much time with his friends as when he was younger—in, probably more time with his younger woman. It’s great if a younger woman can encourage her older man to have a range of interests, and maybe even join him on some of his leisure activities

    #4 no matter how compatible the two parties are, generational differences can sometimes be very noticeable. It’s not unusual for the typical age-gap between older men and younger women to bridge a generation, with such age differences being upwards of ten years. Therefore, whilst, for example, an older man may be tech-savvy, he may not be at the cutting edge of the latest Apps or social media platforms. Nor may he be at the edge of the latest fashions. A younger women will be admired if she is able to keep her older man smart (in both tech and fashions terms) but not letting him appear as if he is simply trying to regain lost youth!

    #5 most younger women will need to come to terms with an older man having to spend time with his children from a previous relationship. A younger woman should not be overly concerned about her older man having children as he is now dating or in a partnership with her and, hopefully, their own relationship will find positives from his previous experiences

    According to some recent surveys, greater than 50% of younger women say that dating an older man is acceptable and believe that it’s likely that they may do so in their lifetime!

    With this type of attitude and the modern mobility of people, it’s not surprising that the number of younger women dating older men is on a huge upswing.

  • Men over 30 dating younger women Posted by Admin

    Men over 30 dating younger women

    There is a strong history of older men over 30 dating younger women.

    However, such relationships between younger women in their late teens or early 20s and men over 30 are now much more in evidence on a general day-to-day basis. This is partly due to there being far greater opportunities for younger women to meet older men to date thanks to the instant accessibility offered by a myriad of social media Apps. Additionally, with changes in social attitudes over the last ten years or so, there is no longer any stigma attached to these types of relationships.

    Notwithstanding the above, for many older men over 30 who have previously only dated women of their own age, to now to start dating younger women is not always easy. It will, invariably, take some time and research to find out more about such potentially new and, hopefully, rewarding experiences.

    So, for men over 30 looking to date younger women for the first time or who want a refresher about things to look out for, here are some great tips about dating younger women:

    #1 if possible, find a younger woman with some similar interests: it’s well worth to try and find a younger woman who not only looks good but shares some of your own interests. It’s well known that many younger women are attracted to older men over 30 as a result of having similar interests in leisure, hobbies, sport or even business and this often forms a basis for good, strong for a relationship

    #2 keep a watch on recent Tech trends: although the younger generation can probably win every time when it comes to computer and social media knowledge, for an older man over 30 it pays to be as computer savvy as possible. Any older man dating younger women should strive to be reasonably up-to-date and take a healthy interest in what your younger woman is interested in on the tech side, especially social media as that is the biggest growth area of our times

    #3 how you present yourself is important: whilst no-one expects you to be at the cutting edge of fashion, it will be a major plus to present well in terms of your dress sense and overall appearance. When you are over 30 and looking to date younger women, remember that there will be serious competition from younger, more fashionable men; don’t dress too young but, more importantly, certainly don’t dress as your father or grandfather might!

    #4 the actual age-gap has to be overcome: no matter how compatible you seem to be in other ways, it’s wise to bear in mind that there will be differences as a result of the generational divide which have to be factored in to your relationship. In many cases the age-gap between younger women dating older men over 30 can be at least 5 years but more likely 10-15, or even more

    #5 use the right internet channels: the rapid increase in internet dating sites specialising in age-gap dating has made things much easier but there are other ways such as introductions from friends or attending specially arranged functions for younger women looking for older men over 30. However, even so, actually finding the right younger women to date is as challenging as finding someone of similar age, so it’s prudent to do some research and be well prepared.

    As you’d expect, there are many other factors which can help make or break a new relationship with a younger woman but, for a man over 30, provided a pragmatic view is taken, then dating younger women can be very rewarding. If you are a rich man, you can try sugar daddy website.

  • Marrying Older Men: Why Age Gap Relationship will Stand You Good Stead Posted by Admin

    Marrying Older Men

    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, Bennett Miller and Ashley Oslen, Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse…the list goes on. If these stories of love defying the notions of age barriers are anything to go by, there must be something right about marrying older men. But the societal norms and prejudice surrounding age gap relationships often have us believe otherwise. If you have been dating an older man and wondering if taking your relationship to the next level would be a wise move, here is why you should not hesitate from taking the plunge:

    You’ll Never Feel Old

    When you are with an older man, you have learnt to acknowledge that age is just a number, and being are young at heart is what really counts. The presence of an older husband in your life will teach you a thing or two about aging graciously without screaming at every new grey strand you spot in your hair or freaking about that imaginary wrinkle or crow’s feet. Besides, no matter how old you get, you will always be the ‘young one’ in his circle of friends.

    There is Little Room for Jealousy

    If you are with an older man, chances are that the baggage of his past is rather full. There may be a serious ex-girlfriend, several old flames or even an ex-wife in the equation. And yet you have little reason to feel insecure or jealous, because you have age on your side. If at all, your presence in your man’s life should make them ill-at-ease.

    Financial Stability

    Well, this doesn’t mean that you can absolutely kiss your career goodbye and live off your husband. This means your man has been through financial troubles and rough patches in his young days to know the importance of sound financial planning. If you do run into monetary trouble, which can happen to the best of us, he will have saved something for the rainy day to fall back on and you can look forward to a secure future with him.

    He is No Mama’s Boy

    The trouble with younger guys is that most of them have an innate tendency to draw parallels between their spouses and mothers. So you spend a better part of your day baking his favorite pie, he digs in and says but that’s not how mama would make it. With an older guy, such downright frustrating moments are the last thing you need to be worried about. He has been out of his mama’s wings and on his own for too long to indulge in such comparisons.

    You’ll be Appreciated

    Having been through his share of turmoil and upheavals in life, an older man knows how to respect the little niceties of life. He’ll be eternally grateful for the little things you do for him, like make him dinner every night, fix him a good cup of coffee in the morning or fold away his laundry, and not take it for granted that it is your duty as a wife to get these chores done for him. And even when you don’t any of it, there will be no hard feelings.

    Of course, every marriage has its own share of variables at play and will come with its shares of pitfalls and problems too, an older husband will just be better equipped to deal with these situations in a more mature and sensible manner.

  • Over 50 and Dating a Young Girl? Top Mistakes to Avoid Posted by Admin

    Over 50 Dating

    Older men dating young women is a trend fast catching up. Gone are the days when age-gap couples were quickly typecast as sugar daddies and babies. Today, it is perfectly acceptable that two people from different generations can come together and strike up a meaningful relationship. However, when you are over 50 and re-emerging on the dating scene, you may feel a tad bit out of touch. This can often lead to problems in the most well-meaning relationships. Here are the top mistakes to avoid making sure your over 50 dating experience turns out to be a fulfilling one:

    Not Acting Your Age

    The younger woman you are with was attracted to you for who you are. May be it was the salt-pepper look or your experience or just who you are as a person that made you catch her fancy. Whatever be the reason, one thing is clear – you were doing something right. So when you get together, retain that uniqueness that sets you apart from guys her age. Trying to hide your years by dressing up differently or imitating the lifestyle of her friends to fit the bill is the worst mistake you can make in an age-gap relationship. It will take away your charisma and make you look like a pathetic wannabe. Besides, you may start wearing out from trying to be someone you are not. Nobody stands to gain from this move and your relationship will definitely not benefit from it any way.

    Coming Across as a Creep

    You may not have had any satisfying action between the sheets for a long time and the charm of a young, beautiful girl may be hard to resist but you don’t want to come across as a creep and drive your girl away. Being too sexual in your approach early on in a relationship is a big no-no. It may send across the signal that you are in it just for the sex and drive your girl away. Instead, concentrate on building a strong connection before you decide to take matters to the bedroom and be sure when you finally do, it will be worth the wait. Being Lax about Your Appearance

    Perhaps you took great care in picking out the right clothes and dabbed that exotic perfume for your first date, and may be a few times after. But as the relationship reaches a certain comfort zone, you may start concentrating on your appearance less. While it may mean that you are comfortable being who you are with your girl now, but a little dressing up never hurt anyone. Besides when you look good, you also feel good about yourself. You go that extra mile and spend those extra fifteen minutes in grooming yourself well before a date.

    Being Affected by Social Prejudices

    You have been flirting around or dating a younger girl for a while and know it in your heart that she is the one you have been looking for and yet you hold yourself back from taking the relationship to the next level. In all likelihood, social prejudices around age-gap relationships are holding you back from following your heart, even if it is on a subconscious level. Clear your mind of any such inhibitions. If you know that you are with the right person, age and other people’s opinions should not matter.

    The key to happiness is any relationship is to give your 100 per cent to the other person and respect them for who they are. As long as you have your heart in the right place, there’d be holding your back.

  • How to Make Your Relationship with an Older Man Work Posted by Admin

    Older Men Younger Women

    So, you have ventured into mature waters, relationship wise. You found have older man, couldn’t resist his charm and fell for him head over heels before your even knew it. We have all heard that story before. Now that you have taken the plunge, it is important to understand that relationships involving younger women and older men are not your run-of-the-mill affairs. They come with a distinct set of advantages and pitfalls, and more often than not the latter far outweighs the former, sounding death knell for the relationship. If you really want to make your relationship work, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    Be Clear about Your Objectives

    There can be several reasons for getting involved with an older man. Of these, the most publicized – and for the wrong reasons – is the man’s wealth and the sense of financial security that comes with it. If that is the sole reason why you are with an older man, know that it won’t last too long. But if you are genuinely attracted to each other, if his wisdom, experience or just who he is as a person is what has drawn you to him, there is hope for a strong bond to flourish between you two. As with any other relationship, be sure that you are in it for the right reasons.

    Don’t be Bogged Down by Prejudice

    A lot of younger women older men relationships fall prey to the judgmental outlook and prejudice from society at large. You two may often be mistaken for father-daughter instead of a couple, your peers may look at him as a father figure and even mock your relationship, and you may feel out-of-place in his social circles where most of the people are way older than you. Don’t shy away from talking about these things as a couple and evolve a defense mechanism to deal with such uncomfortable situations and snide remarks, so that the person at the receiving end of the criticism or sarcasm has no reason to feel insecure.

    Become a Part of Each Others’ Lives

    If you are forever hanging out with your peers and he is busy with his business associates or work colleagues, and you meet only in the confines of your bedroom, it is not a sign of a healthy, holistic relationship. The sexual charm will soon wane off and you will be left wanting for things to do together. It is, therefore, a good idea to be involved in each other’s lives. Make his a part of activities you enjoy or are passionate about, and be open to his invitations to make you a part of his life. You could take him shopping or bowling or clubbing, and in turn accompany him for a fishing trip, golfing or even a formal office/business dinner. This will help evolve a strong relationship between you two, and let your partner know that you are not in any way embarrassed of the relationship.

    Be prepared to invest in a relationship with a significant age gap a little more than you normally would. Take the world head on with a belief that people will come around to accepting your relationship as long as you two are together for the right reasons.

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