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Only on the site for a week before "meeting" Alli. All it took was one look to know that she was extraordinary. Beyond anything or anyone I could have ever hoped to find either in person or online. After a few back-and-forth "comments" I decided to bite the bullet, join the site, and make actual contact with her. Boy am I glad I did! I know I should be too old to consider love at first sight, but that is exactly what we have found in each other. Turns out, I was the only person that she had met in over a year on the site that she was really interested in. Coincidentally, she was the only one on the site in which I was truly interested. Conveniently, I was the only one who had sent her comments or messages; and she was the only one who ever sent me comments, messages, or added me to her "favorites." I would like to say that it was fate that brought us together. Well, fate and Age Match. Thank you for being the catalyst for, and guiding me to, the greatest love of my life.

Advice to other members:

Do not give up! If you are patient and persistent, love will find you! Often when you least expect it!