Couldn't just be friends

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I started emailing with another member in july and after a couple emails back and fourth we decided to speak on the phone. We talked on the phone for a couple weeks before meeting. And when we did meet we had an amazing date. We meet down at the boardwalk and played minature golf, had dinner, and walked on the beach. We continued to talk for a while and wanted to start a relationship but once he told his kids about our age difference they were very upset and we broke it off. I was very depressed because of the connection i felt with him and after two weeks of not speaking i decided i had to email him and see if we could still be friends. After talking we decided that we couldn't just be friends and somehow we had to find a way to be together. As of now we have decided to see eachother but be discreet about it with family and friends until they can come to accept our age difference. Im hoping people can come to accept us and see that for us its not about age but about a connection and strong feelings and the love we are trying to build.